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When Australian businesses seek a way to overcome IT challenges, many turn to Computer Merchants. Whether infrastructure to provide a solid foundation, cloud options with remarkable flexibility, or services and expertise that carve out competitive advantage, our specialists have a knack for adding business value. We make a point of understanding exactly what you want to achieve, so that we can give you the very best IT solutions. You speak – we listen.

We believe that the right solution is about far more than just technology. It is about finding the right fit for your business environment, your culture and your budget. Every solution will be carefully designed with this in mind. We use our relationships with the world’s leading technology vendors and boutique specialists to get the best possible results. When you partner with Computer Merchants, you can expect ethical, professional treatment and the very highest level of customer service. Read more

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Transformation in a flash

In business, protection is the necessity none can live without. Whether it arises from the cost of insurance, physically resistant security, or an alert and surveillance system, making sure protection has been engaged is a requirement of doing business. Data is no different, and yet organisations still to this day struggle to comprehend the importance, […]

Is Yesterday’s Technology Slowing Down Today’s Business Apps?

Slow application delivery is still one of the bugbears of many organisations. In many cases, while servers have been updated, it is in fact another culprit that is slowing things down.

How Seeing the Future Makes Downtime a Thing of the Past

If only it were possible to predict when there would be problems in the IT environment that impact apps. Nimble Storage technology predicts and resolves 86% of issues1 before they become problems or impact applications.