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  • Distance no object: multi-site technology rollouts

    Think about the planning that goes into rolling out a new IT solution. Now, imagine rolling that solution out to 600 retail locations within weeks. Multi-site projects aren’t for the faint hearted. Everything from delivery, asset management, co-ordination of technicians, re-imaging of machines, green disposal of old equipment, training and handover – all has to… Read Full Article »
  • Whenever, wherever – mobility for today’s worker

    As solutions providers, we’re used to evaluating and implementing new technologies daily. Some are straightforward, and get little attention outside our customer’s data centre. Others, though, demand a profoundly different approach. Mobility solutions fall firmly into the latter type. Done right, the productivity and morale advantages can be considerable – but it takes solid planning… Read Full Article »
  • Do Some Organisations Have a False Sense of IT Security?

    After some very public problems on Census night, IT security has been well and truly shoved into the spotlight. While fortunately, most of us don’t have the eyes of the entire nation on us while we go about our jobs, breaches can draw very unwelcome attention to lower profile organisations. For the unprepared, attacks can… Read Full Article »
  • Transforming IT – One Step at a Time

    There is a saying, usually attributed to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, that ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ While he could not have dreamed of some challenges facing modern business leaders, his words apply as much today as they ever did. Businesses in all kinds of industries are facing competition… Read Full Article »
  • A new breed of attacks requires a sophisticated defence: Cyber Threat Assessment Report

    Remember when the mention of a cyber-criminal brought to mind bored, sun-deprived teens making mischief? Or poorly punctuated email pleas to accept non-existent multi-million dollar inheritances? Today’s cyber-criminals aren’t like that. The new breed is smart, well-resourced and in many cases, run as an efficient business. Threats have changed, so IT professionals need to mount… Read Full Article »
  • Transformation at Work

    We worked last year with a customer in the printing industry. Once we had helped them to address immediate technology problems, we worked with them to explore how IT could be used as an enabler that would increase opportunities in a very competitive sector. Our customer introduced online services, where their clients could build their… Read Full Article »
  • When Performing Means Transforming

    When you look at the businesses that have survived – and thrived – for a long time, they all have two things in common. First is the ability to understand their markets well. Second is the ability to transform themselves through changing times, so that they stay relevant to their customers, and continue to win… Read Full Article »
  • New year IT priorities – where are you heading?

    As we farewell the financial year, many businesses take the opportunity to reassess their plans for the year ahead. Of course, there are some perennial priorities that remain high on the list, such as security, but what is top of the wish list beyond ‘business as usual’ matters? Cost reduction is always a focus, but… Read Full Article »
  • Why you should be looking at hyperconvergence

    No matter how much things change in technology, some things stay the same. A perennial quest for most businesses is to do more with less – which is no mean feat for IT teams facing demands that are increasing daily. That more-for-less battle is why you should be looking at hyperconvergence. What is it? Put… Read Full Article »
  • Where IT Innovation Begins

    We were honoured this month by Lenovo as their Innovative Partner of the Year. As well as thanking Lenovo for this award, we thank every one of our staff and customers, because they are all true innovators. Computer Merchants has a team of people dedicated to innovating the way we serve our own customers, as… Read Full Article »
  • Unity

    ˈjuːnɪti/ Noun: the state of being united or joined as a whole We spend a lot of time listening to the hurdles our customers face, and one topic that is always on the radar is storage. Little wonder – they are dealing with tsunami-like volumes of data that they need to store. When we help… Read Full Article »
  • Kicking storage efficiency goals

    EMC just launched its Unity storage family, and it looks set to make a lot of IT managers happy. Unity checks a lot of boxes. Affordable Flash optimisation is the big drawcard, with serious simplicity, data protection and an easy path to the cloud high on the list. It offers some attractive advantages for businesses… Read Full Article »
  • Set your IT budget free – how SDDCs put you back in control

    The last few years have seen an extraordinary pace of technology advances, but when you operate in the real world, taking advantage isn’t always that easy. Have you ever spotted an outstanding opportunity for your business, only to come back down to earth when you realise that your time and budget just won’t stretch that… Read Full Article »
  • How Australia is shaping up to security challenges

    As Australian businesses face up to a new generation of cyber-criminals, they are not the only ones developing ever more sophisticated technology. The challenges they face in staying secure are ever more advanced. These are not just a few disgruntled ex-employees they are dealing with, or teenaged hackers trying their luck (although those still exist).… Read Full Article »
  • The Collaboration Generation

    We talk a lot about getting an edge over your competition through technology – but what if you are competing against something that hasn’t been invented? Some of the most traditional markets have been comprehensively disrupted by new ideas that left existing businesses flat-footed. Read Full Article »
  • A look to the future

    Computer Merchants’ Norm Jefferies predicts IT trends for 2016 2015 has been an exciting year for Computer Merchants, and we have seen our customers inspire and innovate at record pace. We’ve even managed a few innovations of our own, like our new app that helps customers keep track of their IT systems. As the year… Read Full Article »
  • Customer service – putting customers at the centre of the Computer Merchants world

    Ask anyone at Computer Merchants about their job, and you can guarantee they will mention what they do for our customers. There’s a reason for that. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can best serve the people who put their trust in us to provide the technology they depend on. Let’s… Read Full Article »
  • A Computer Merchants Christmas

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my tech partner gave to me, Twelve reports automating, Eleven faster servers, Ten techs-a-listening, Nine software licences, Eight delivery dates, Seven cost savings, Six analytic queries, Five Flash arrays, Four times consolidation, Three support tickets, Two times the performance, And an app that comes for free.   We’d like… Read Full Article »
  • SAP HANA on Power – the secret weapon of winning analytics

    We talk a lot about the incremental IT improvements that customers can make, but sometimes, a more dramatic game-changer emerges. SAP HANA is shaping up to offer some outstanding opportunities – but it certainly doesn’t come without challenges, not least, what to run it on. The saturation marketing should have tipped you off that SAP… Read Full Article »
  • VNX Series Go Fast

    Flash Performance at the Cost of Disk Looking to Go Fast with Flash but not blow your budget? When your workloads require high performance at an affordable price, look to Computer Merchants and EMC’s VNX hybrid flash array. With VNX you’ll gain the flexibility and efficiency to design a solution that fits your particular requirements.… Read Full Article »
  • The four basic (free) ways you can reduce IT security risk

    With the speed of business ever increasing, changes happen at dizzying speed. While these adjustments are a vital part of survival, they can leave organisations vulnerable to some sneaky security risks. Just as we can secure our health by practicing healthy habits, the same can be achieved for our IT environment. That is not to… Read Full Article »
  • Business Transformation Event – Thank You

    Thank you to those who joined us in Brisbane for our IT transformation event. We hope that you enjoyed the discussion – and the chance to see the new i8 close-up – as much as we did. Sometimes a small adjustment can change the world. Every organisation – from government and large corporations to the… Read Full Article »
  • Security – Serial offenders in the datacentre

    We do a lot of IT security reviews for a lot of businesses, where we take an independent look at any potential risks. Most businesses put serious effort into protecting their data and networks, but our security specialists report a few frequent security flaws that it is worth taking note of. If the nature of… Read Full Article »