On the twelfth day of Christmas, my tech partner gave to me,

reindeer and santa claus wave white background

Twelve reports automating,

Eleven faster servers,

Ten techs-a-listening,

Nine software licences,

Eight delivery dates,

Seven cost savings,

Six analytic queries,

Five Flash arrays,

Four times consolidation,

Three support tickets,

Two times the performance,

And an app that comes for free.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for welcoming us into their businesses in 2015. It has been an exciting year at Computer Merchants, and we are grateful to share the journey through new technologies with our valued customers.

In 2015, we’ve tackled everything from Analytics to IBM z Systems. A big focus has been on the ways we can help to make incremental changes that transform our customers’ businesses, while also constantly improving the services we offer.

Late in the year, we launched a new app that helps our customers to know everything about their orders, licences, projects, support and purchased systems, all at the touch of a smartphone.

Computer Merchants headquarters will be open at all the usual times, except for on public holidays, over the festive period.

Our team at Computer Merchants wishes you a happy and safe holiday season, and we look forward to helping you to achieve even more with your technology in 2016.

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