Remember when the mention of a cyber-criminal brought to mind bored, sun-deprived teens making mischief? Or poorly punctuated email pleas to accept non-existent multi-million dollar inheritances? Today’s cyber-criminals aren’t like that.

The new breed is smart, well-resourced and in many cases, run as an efficient business. Threats have changed, so IT professionals need to mount a more sophisticated defence against attacks.

The basis of any strong defence is intelligence. When you know what you’re up against, you are in a far better position to plan. That doesn’t just mean knowing the cyber-criminals’ strengths. It also means knowing your own weaknesses … before they do.

A vital starting point for a robust security plan is assessing threats and environment. How will your infrastructure detect attacks? How does your organisation compare to others? Am I presenting a small enough target?

Computer Merchants is offering customers a Cyber Threat Assessment Report. Supported by the very best tools of the trade, this will help you to assess your current situation and to identify any weaknesses.

Aided by our partners at Veeam and Fortinet, we will investigate where risk can be reduced. Key indicators in your network will be monitored, and information will be gathered over several days. And this will not in any way disrupt your normal operations. It’s a win-win!

Once the information is gathered, you receive a full report on your cyber-defences, with potential risks highlighted. Security experts will suggest ways to bolster your security and update risk reduction strategies in line with the latest threat profiles.

When it comes to fighting against cyber-crime, knowledge is definitely power. This means learning more about external risks – but it also means knowing your environment and users better than ever before.

Computer Merchants, in partnership with Veeam and Fortinet, are offering customers an exclusive priority billing for a Cyber Threat Assessment and Data Availability Assessment. Download the reports below.


For more information or to register for an assessment, contact the friendly Computer Merchants team.

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