Thank you to those who joined us in Brisbane for our IT transformation event. We hope that you enjoyed the discussion – and the chance to see the new i8 close-up – as much as we did.

Sometimes a small adjustment can change the world.

Every organisation – from government and large corporations to the very smallest business – faces unprecedented competition and change. Yet for those rising to the challenge, the opportunities are greater than ever. Notably, it is where the business and technology skills of IT professionals are drawn on in business planning that the most outstanding outcomes happen. In other words, IT leaders are the stars of transformation, and organisations must give them a chance to shine.

In a time of upheaval, we have seen that planned incremental adjustments and well-considered new services give the best results. Transformation does not have to mean high-risk. In our own experience, we have found that listening to customers and engaging staff makes change a rewarding and positive experience. In fact, in one instance, an incremental change freed up 40 hours per week across five team members – hours that we were able to then dedicate to enhanced customer service activities.

Of course, when you’re juggling the daily demands of providing the IT essentials, finding time, money and resources to focus on transformation can be an uphill battle. At the event, you might have heard me urge IT leaders to do whatever it takes to carve out time for focusing on tomorrow’s vision. That might mean automating to drive efficiency, enlisting extra help, or using managed services for some of the everyday tasks, in order to capitalise on the business and technology visionaries in your team.

We are always happy to be a sounding board for our customers, and to share our own experiences of transformation. To build a foundation that paves the way for change, or to discuss the technology that will power your vision, contact us. You talk, we listen.

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Norm Jefferies

Managing Director

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