Ask anyone at Computer Merchants about their job, and you can guarantee they will mention what they do for our customers. There’s a reason for that. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can best serve the people who put their trust in us to provide the technology they depend on.

Project_Group_ShotLet’s face it, there are plenty of choices for our customers, so we need to be prepared to earn their business, every single time. That means we have to be more than just strong technologists. In many ways, our customers are our best teachers. We have a saying in Computer Merchants that sums up our approach: you speak, we listen. We might know the many systems we work with inside-out, but that means little without truly understanding our customer’s world.

Our customers have been the driving force behind many of our best successes. Every bit of customer feedback we receive is considered carefully, and fed into our processes. Those we work with – whether providing major solutions or small pieces of kit – are generous with their input. We value those comments and suggestions, because they help us to keep developing the very best service we can.

Take the new app we recently launched, for example. It allows our customers to see all kinds of information, from simple order status to system health alerts and historical purchasing information. Our customers get to see our information in real time. The app largely came about because of a comment from one of our customers, who sometimes wanted to get information fast when he worked late.

The app really does invite our customers into our world, and we are happy to allow that absolute transparency. We have invested over the years in strong systems of record, and it is something we are happy to share. Besides, it makes sense that customers should have access to the information we hold about their own IT assets.

While everyone, from our management team to our warehousing champions, has a strong customer focus, we do have a specialist customer service team. They project manage every single order, no matter how small or how large. A big part of their role is to make sure everything arrives where and when it should, and to keep the customer informed every step of the way. They do the legwork of contacting suppliers, checking freight companies, and co-ordinating engineers, so our customers don’t have to.

It is always easy for businesses to talk about customer service, but we like to do more than pay lip service to something this important. We invest our time, money and people in creating tangible services. When our customers feel they are valued and supported, we are doing our job right.

For more about our customer service difference, or to get our free app, contact the friendly Computer Merchants team.

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