We worked last year with a customer in the printing industry. Once we had helped them to address immediate technology problems, we worked with them to explore how IT could be used as an enabler that would increase opportunities in a very competitive sector. Our customer introduced online services, where their clients could build their own print jobs, and track progress. It has been a powerful update, where the business has been able to process work more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction. Read the full story here.

Transformation is only possible once underlying issues had been resolved, so establishing a solid foundation is key to making changes. We have found that involving staff throughout an organisation is another key step. When people are consulted and involved, the cultural shift is far more successful than when changes are imposed by the IT department or company management.

This is another reason for smaller, incremental changes. Most people will embrace small adjustments that make their own roles easier and make their customers happier. Trying to change everything at once, in contrast, can alienate staff, which in turn affects outcomes. In our role as a technology partner, we inevitably find it helpful to facilitate and support conversations between departments.

Perhaps it is because we count transformation as such a key part of what we do in our own business, that we see over and over the great ideas coming from anyone, in any role. Every organisation has a wealth of small innovations, so tapping into that resource makes a lot of sense. Sometimes those little changes can add up to a huge difference in opportunity.

Got a transformation story? Let us know. We love hearing about how other businesses achieve positive changes – and we are always happy to share our own experiences of successful transformation.

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