When you look at the businesses that have survived – and thrived – for a long time, they all have two things in common. First is the ability to understand their markets well. Second is the ability to transform themselves through changing times, so that they stay relevant to their customers, and continue to win new fans.

There are, of course, some obvious examples. IBM used to make meat and cheese slicers, and HP’s first product was an audio oscillator. For every high-profile reinvention, though, there are many smaller changes happening in businesses around the world. As the digital economy picks up pace, it is those with creativity and a sense of invention that are able to thrive.

It goes without saying that, alongside an innovative spirit, a successful transformation takes significant skill. It also takes time, planning and patience. We count transformation as an ongoing process at Computer Merchants, and what we have found is that small, incremental changes that are well managed can make a big difference to customers.

We hosted events last year that gave our customers the chance to hear from some great speakers who had managed their own transformations. Amongst those was Stuart Jaffray, General Manager Marketing for BMW Australia. Stuart told those attending about the way that BMW makes continual adjustments to stay relevant in the highly competitive car industry.

This year, we followed up with events in Melbourne and Sydney that highlighted our high innovation-low risk approach. Thank you to the customers who joined for those transformation events. More great transformation-focused events are being planned for the second half of 2016, so be sure to put your name on the invitation list!

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