We all hope that disaster won’t hit but the reality is that thousands of Australian businesses encounter some type of crisis each year. Whether it is on a grand scale, such as floods, fires and cyclones, or less dramatic occurrences such as power outages and human error, those with a strong disaster recovery solution in place are far better situated to conduct business as usual. 

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) makes DR easy, affordable and dependable. Effectively, Computer Merchants’ DRaaS provides replication and hosting of your physical or virtual servers to provide failover whenever it is needed, at an agreed service level. This ensures that when dealing with a crisis, you can deal with your staff, customers and premises – safe in the knowledge that your systems are available. 

DRaaS saves you from having to invest in your own off-site environment or find the staff and funding to maintain it. You have access to the very best enterprise-level service, maintained by some of the most skilled and experienced specialists in the region. When it comes to DRaaS, you need a partner you can trust in a crisis. Many of Australia’s best known organisations know they can depend on Computer Merchants to keep their business systems operating, no matter what challenges they face. 


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