Everyone’s doing it; Even if you don’t know it, your company is probably already using cloud computing. As we continue to adopt new technological changes and move business processes to the cloud, isn’t it time you took your visitor management system off paper and into the present?

Visitor management is the process of tracking an individual that enters your premises or office space. A visitor might be a customer, delivery person, contractor, consultant; anyone that’s not a full-time employee of the premises.

The world’s a changin’ and the old school method of tracking visitors via paper logbooks are a changin’ with it.

So why should your visitor management “Get to da Cloud”? Here are our top reasons:

1. Do you read good?

Traditional pen-and-paper visitor logbooks seem simple and do the trick, but they’re really a hinderance. Can you even read half of what’s in one? How do you know who forgot to sign out after they left? Can you demonstrate that you’ve done a site safety or key policy induction?

With a cloud-based visitor management system you’ll have access to live dashboard reports detailing who’s on site, if their inductions are up to date and the ability to cascade emergency messages to visitors. Your visitors enter in their information, go through site inductions (if required), take a photo which the system stores, and voila!

2. I ain’t no snitch

Paper visitor logbooks aren’t secure (surprise!). Anyone looking at the book can easily identify who has been to your office and when (if they can read the handwriting). In some cases, this could be a real issue around privacy control and security breaches; however, with a cloud-based system, administrators are the only ones with access to the full list of visitors and their details.

3. Yeah, but…can it evolve?

When buying a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product you always have the most current version of the application. Upgrades and enhancements are done in the background and don’t interrupt your current service. You won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy new features of the system as they come through.

4. Would you like fries with that?

There are a number of VMS solutions on the market, but few are fully configurable, and we’ve only found one that has a solution-based service – a team that works closely together with you to ensure the experience is completely tailored to your company branding.

The best thing about the service is a monthly subscription model to trial, or an annual commitment for a fully branded experience, depending on your budget. The hardware is fully supported and available in a variety of configurations from scanners and badge printers to access control integration or even breathalysers.  The best systems integrate and scale with additional functionality, so you only pay for what you need but are not limited by a narrow feature list when you need it later. Best of all they’re cheaper to maintain than the traditional paper-based sign in registers and can be used as a virtual reception notifying the host as soon as people arrive!

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