Thousands of companies have saved money, improved customer services and generated more business by giving field staff, customers, suppliers and other business partners web access to their line of business systems.

However, from an IT point of view, it can be a challenge to deliver a functional, attractive and integrated web portal.

LANSA, have been building web portals for many years. Over that time, they heard that the biggest hurdles for delivering a web portal are:

  1. Line-of-Business (LOB) applications are systems of record; extending them to also be attractive systems of engagement requires a lot more than just web enabling the internal user interface;
  2. Maintaining security, while giving direct access to a LOB system can be complex;
  3. There is a scarcity of web development skills, and the back-end developers who maintain LOB systems usually don’t have the front-end skills needed to create web applications; and
  4. Implementing a purchased or packaged web portal often comes with duplication of data, calculations and other business rules, making implementation a messy job. Those portals that promise real-time integration require LOB systems to be accessible via RESTful APIs, another mammoth task.

Working on a 5-day proof-of-concept (POC) for a web portal, Computer Merchants, in conjunction with LANSA, can help you overcome these challenges and answer any questions you might have about the process.
Included in the 5-day POC are:

  • Half day meeting to agree on the POC project scope with no charge for approved customers and no obligation to proceed;
  • A working prototype being developed based on your input;
  • The deployment of a working prototype for your business to test;
  • A 60-day trial of the Visual LANSA low-code rapid application development platform that is used to build the prototype.

If your internal IT staff plan to take over development, they can be included in the initial build for skills transfer.

Alternatively, you can continue to use LANSA and Computer Merchants’ services team to turn your prototype into a production ready web portal.

Customers who have kickstarted their web portal with a LANSA POC include:

And the one you may be most familiar with: The CM Live solution of Computer Merchants.
Contact Computer Merchants today on 1800 777 111 to enquire about the LANSA proof of concept or any other area you might need assistance with. Sample apps are available for testing at


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