Column 72 was founded to answer IBM Z® mainframe customers’ one simple question:

“What staff will I have available to run my mainframe in the future?”

To ease the minds of customers asking this question, or unsure of what the future holds for their mainframe needs; Column 72 exists to teach and deliver advanced tertiary education to the 63 IBM Z® mainframe customers in Australia and New Zealand, known as Sponsoring Employers (SE’s)

Column 72 trainees are lectured in both IBM Z® systems programming including, z/OS, CICS, IMS and DB2, and applications programming skills including, Assembler, COBOL and PL/1.

On Tuesday 24th of July this year, a 9-year contract was officially signed with the University of Canberra (UC), which was attended by various dignitaries and broadcast on Channel 9 Canberra evening news. This contract allows IBM Z® mainframe staff, both new to the platform and current employees, to formally upgrade their mainframe skills and receive a Tertiary qualification via:

  • Bachelor of Mainframe Technology (BIMT) – a 3-year course for trainees qualified by Column 72 via a rigorous selection methodology or, SE selected, internal current staff. Column 72 lectures are face to face on campus at UC at a residential Summer School over December and January. UC provides remote learning over 2 Semesters per year for 3 years.   
  • Masters of Information and Mainframe Technology (MIMT) – Column 72 delivers remote learning with possible intensives per semester, for a 3-semester course, for post graduates. Offering a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters. Once again, Column 72 utilises its rigorous methodology to select post graduates or those SE’s select from internal current staff. 
  • Research in Data Analytics – in collaboration with UC and Column 72 supervised students and IBM Machine Learning Laboratories in Beijing.
  • Other combinations of curricula derived from the above offerings for other specialist needs are available.

Column 72 is pleased to provide a formal overview for mainframe education leading to tertiary qualification awarded by UC. The BIMT will commence on Monday 3rd December 2018 with Column 72’s first Summer School, on Campus at UC.

Murray Woods, the co-Director of Column 72 and a Doctoral student visited IBM Machine Learning Laboratories in Beijing in October to pick up their current offerings, including algorithms and Road Map in order to ease the concerns IBM Z Mainframe customers have around predictive failure.

There is now Management recognition that time must be spent building mainframe skills, and Column 72 is committed to providing this training for the industry. If you’d like to hear more about Column 72, contact Computer Merchants today for a free, no obligation chat.

Call: 1800 777 111