When we talk about digital transformation, it is more than just the latest IT industry buzzword… and it reaches far beyond the data centre. As we see more industries disrupted, more traditional businesses face a choice between updating or fighting an uphill battle for relevance.

Cisco Live is focusing on this very issue. How do organisations stay relevant and grasp the opportunities of the digital economy? How do businesses and government departments of all sizes offer new services and forge new connections with their communities?

At Computer Merchants, this is an issue very close to our hearts. Competing in the IT market means constantly making the small, meaningful transformations that offer our customers greater value. Whether it is our free app that helps you keep track of every project and purchase, or a tweak to a process that makes your day easier, reinvention is vital.

Cisco is one of the vendors that understands deeply the opportunity of digital transformation. Whether it is using technology to cut the cost of sale by 66% for a finance business, or empowering the workforce of a multi-site services company to collaborate on projects remotely, they are invested in helping customers work smarter – even in a time of budget squeeze.

For many customers, it is when we look at the big picture that the magic happens. Don’t be surprised when our Cisco services experts are curious about your end-game. Often when they dig a little deeper, and learn more about your business direction, they will spot an alternative path that offers you greater business value. They get a kick out of getting you more mileage from your budget.

The outcomes we’re seeing are business-changing. From networking to the cloud, our Cisco specialists are working with customers to race ahead. Think of us as your pit crew – dedicated to finding the small, precise adjustments that will increase your power, enable you to securely navigate tricky conditions, and put in a winning performance.

With the right team behind you, your innovation takes pole position. Contact Computer Merchants for winning performance.

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