Take our quick and simple questionnaire to take your first step towards simplifying your network.

What’s the right fit for your organisation? Answer the questions below to find out!


If you’d prefer to skip the quiz, you can find the questions below:

Q1 Do you have a small IT staff of a full department?

Small IT: You have minimal IT staff or a team that is stretched thin and needs a wired and wireless network that’s simple, reliable, and secure. Tally 1 for Cloud Managed!

Full IT: Your company has support from an IT department of technical experts who want a customisable, converged wired and wireless network solution. Tally 1 point for On-Premises!

Q2 Which is more important? A simple network with out-of-the-box deployment or customization, flexibility, and control?

Simple: You want an easy-to-use solution out of the box. We can make that happen! Tally 1 for Cloud Managed!

Customised: You want a network that supports advanced features and dynamic service rollouts. Sounds good! Tally 1 point for On-Premises!

Q3 Do you have security or regulatory restrictions to using a cloud-based solution?

No: Your organisation is free of restrictions on the use of cloud-based solutions. Tally 1 point for Cloud Managed!

Yes: Regulations limit the data and applications that can be hosted in the cloud. You need to rely on on-premise management and control of your Wi-Fi. Tally 1 point for On-Premises!

Q4 How do you prefer to purchase a solution?

Traditional: You prefer a more traditional purchase model. Tally 1 point for On-Prem!

Subscription: You prefer a subscription purchase that spreads the cost over several years. Tally 1 point for Cloud Managed!

Now that you’ve answered a few questions and tallied your points, you should be on the way to deploying the perfect network for your business!

If you need a hand, reach out to your account manager now, or get in touch with one of our networking experts.

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