Computer Merchants have long been providing decommissioning services for our clients but have previously outsourced shredding services. Now, working with a state-of-the-art shredding machine, Computer Merchants are happy to provide professional disk shredding services.

Why should you consider disk shredding instead of formatting your disks?

Formatting programs work by rewriting disks with other data, but many engineers argue that this process would have to be replicated hundreds of times to be effective, and even then, an expert could find the original data.

Formatting never fully removes data from disks, but simply rewrites the data and removes the address tables simply making the data more difficult to recover.

Formatting takes time and does not leave data irretrievable and with the implementation of the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme in February this year, can you afford to leave retrievable data on decommissioned disks?

How is Shredding Disks Different to Drilling Disks?

Although drilling disks does make it difficult to run the disk again without costly restoration, it is not impossible to recover data. If someone is determined enough or has enough funds, there are ways to recover and read drilled disks as large chunks of data are left untouched.

If you’re worried about your data falling in to the wrong hands, the best method of data destruction is shredding. Computer Merchants record the process and upload the video and serial numbers of destroyed disks to our customers, so you can feel secure in your decision.

Computer Merchants will be offering disk shredding at the industry standard rate of $20/disk, but to celebrate the newest addition to our services catalogue we are offering a special price of $15/disk to our newsletter subscribers.

Call 1800 777 111 to secure this special price or to talk to the experts in data destruction and decommissioning.

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