Computer Merchants are here to help you design, analyse, optimise and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi networks utilising the ESS (Ekahau Site Survey) tool.

Wireless networks can be difficult; Whether it be designing, implementing, configuring or troubleshooting, Computer Merchants are here to help you along the way.

Using state of the art technology we can: 

    • Assist with Designing Wireless networks
    • Predictively plan the placement of Access Points
    • Analyse your current wireless networks
    • Troubleshoot any issues you may experience with your current Wireless network
    • Post installation verification of new wireless infrastructure
    • Ongoing wireless network troubleshooting and support
    • Provide Heat maps to show;
      • Signal strength coverage
      • Signal-to-noise ratio
      • Data rate
      • Throughput
      • Packet loss
      • Jitter
      • Maximum Channel Bandwidth
      • Co-channel / adjacent channel interference
      • Spectrum Channel Power
      • Spectrum Utilization
      • 802.11ac/n channel width
      • Predictive placement of all audible access points
      • Real-Time Frequency Monitor
      • Analyse your current wireless networks

Site Survey with a detailed report starting from $3,500 ex GST

Call: 1800 777 111