Representing the relationship between music, sport and fashion, Culture Kings prides itself on exclusivity and superiority, offering a premium retail experience across all genres, cultures, styles and ages combined with an extensive and curated range from over 100 leading street, sport, and fashion brands from all around the globe.

Frequently visited by some of the world’s best athletes, artists and tastemakers, Culture Kings is ahead of its game offering an elite perspective of the ever-changing global streetwear landscape. It’s for this reason that Culture Kings work with Computer Merchants for their IT needs, and after recently implementing the first rollout of their new point of sale (POS) equipment, we sat down with IT Administrator at Culture Kings, Travis Binder to see how it’s all going.

Which POS systems did you implement?

We have been using the HP RP9 G1 Retail Systems.

Are these systems implemented across all your stores?

At this point in time we’ve only rolled them out to one store. We do however have them ordered for a second store, and as we upgrade our existing sites, we will continue to roll out the RP9’s.

What was it that ultimately helped you decide to go with the HP RP9 G1?

To be honest, performance and support. The 3-year onsite warranty was a big selling point for us. As we have 8 stores spread across the country, we need a system that can be serviced, and any issues be resolved as quickly as possible. The name HP also helped in the decision-making process.

How did you find working with Computer Merchants’ in-house pre-sales team?

The Computer Merchants Team have always been very knowledgeable in terms of the products and services they sell. I can always bounce my ideas off the team there and they always come back with some suggestions that make sense.

How would you rate the ongoing support from Computer Merchants?

To be honest, we’ve been very lucky up to this point and haven’t had to really call on them for maintenance support. But anytime we do call, they always answer.

How do you and the wider team find working with the RP9?

From an IT perspective they’re very easy to work with, all my peripherals just work and they’re simple to setup. From the sales side of things, they’re fast, simple and just work well.

What do the RP9 systems do that your old systems couldn’t?

They are much higher quality than what we had before upgrading. They have a bright clear touchscreen which allows the staff to multi-task between POS, browser and office – it’s a much nicer experience. For management they allow access to more data and for the retail staff I think just the overall system is faster as well as being easier on the eyes which aligns well with our brand – sleek and stylish.

What issues were you experiencing that led to you upgrading?

We were experiencing some performance issues which were probably being caused by the age of the systems, it was time for an upgrade.

Have you seen a considerable improvement since implementing the new RP9 systems?

Our POS system runs a lot smoother meaning each transaction is saving time, which all adds up to a much smoother customer experience.

Being an elite streetwear store, you often get dominant and world-renowned artists and athletes come through the stores. Are these the busiest times for your stores? How does the HP RP9 G1 system perform in those situations?

Having many celebrities come in and check out what we have to offer, we’re always having to process large sales of up $4000, and since implementing the RP9’s we’ve had little to no lag which is a huge benefit to our reputation for providing elite streetwear, but also a shopping experience to match.

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