Cyber-attackers are continually evolving and adapting, and the risks increase every day. Are your customers solely relying on a defence-only strategy to keep them safe? If so, what’s your plan to help them keep email flowing in the event of an attack? How would you help them recover lost or locked data quickly after an attack?

When our partners offer a bundle of security, recovery and retention products together under Mimecast’s Cyber Resilience for Email solution they are significantly increasing their average potential deal size while enabling their customers to comprehensively mitigate security risks before, ensure business continuity during, and rapidly recover affected email systems after an attack.

You can make Microsoft Office 365™ a safer zone.

Mimecast is the only cloud provider in the market with a multi-layered solution for Microsoft Office 365™; including cyber resilience, covering email security, archiving and continuity.

The best time to ensure you have an additional layer of cyber resilience for Microsoft Office 365™ is when your organisation is looking to migrate their email to the cloud.

Mimecast’s continuity service is essential during a Microsoft Office 365™ migration to keep email flowing.

Mimecast is the perfect solution for you to maintain cyber resilience for email; whether you are migrating to the cloud or securing your current system.

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