Businesses world-wide are facing rising costs and bigger challenges to store and manage their important data, most of which is critical to their survival. By 2020, it’s estimated that the accumulated volume of big data will increase 10-fold (from 4.4 zettabytes to roughly 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion GB) and business transactions (both B2B and B2C) via the internet will reach up to 450 billion per day.

In just five years the number of smart connected devices in the world will be more than 50 billion – all of which will create data that can be shared, collected and analysed. Data storage on this scale is no small feat for businesses and the costs that accrue with storing large amounts of data are more than the cost of a machine, they include space, manpower, and costly security measures.

So how are businesses supposed to cope with the huge influx of data expected in the next five years? Computer Merchants recommend the use of ExaGrid; a world-class technology recently launched across ANZ to manage business data efficiently, saving businesses tens of thousands of dollars or up to 80% of their total data storage costs.

ExaGrid solutions pay for themselves fast – usually in under 4 months, depending on your specific data types and retention policies. These next generation, Hyperconverged solutions are simple to set up, easy to manage or use As-A-Service and offer world-best speed for data backup and restoration, a fixed backup window and world-leading ‘smarts’ integrated into a data de-duplication appliance, saving huge amounts of money on the cost of business data growth.

One of ExaGrid’s 10,000+ customers is a large public transport company in the USA, with a data retention policy that mandates keeping its data forever and had been backing their data up to tape. The company started exploring other solutions, such as backing up to disk, to minimise their data storage footprint; the company used ExaGrid’s disk-based storage solution and felt a noticeable impact immediately.

Kristopher Mendoza, the company’s IT system engineer, impressed by the results said: “Right now, we’re looking at a weekly difference of about 80TB worth of tapes! About 95% of our environment is virtualized, so the majority of backups are going to our ExaGrid system.”

By implementing ExaGrid in their environment the company reduced backup time from up to 55 hours down to only an hour. Due to this time saving the company started running backups once a day instead of once a week and saved huge amounts in total management time, saved 4.1 PB of tape storage costs equating to over $25000 per annum  and a considerable amount of additional cost by reducing off-site transport, physical storage and its associated costs. 

Not only did the ExaGrid solution reduce the time spent on backups, but it reduced the company’s deduplication ratio to 107:1 for Oracle exports and 25:1 for Oracle RMAN backups; an incredible feat.

Menodza was impressed; “The greatest impact that deduplication has had is on the amount of space consumed for how much data we’ve backed up. We’re backing up 21TB of Oracle data, but it only consumes 200GB!”.

Considering current cost averages, 1TB of Enterprise grade SAN storage is worth around USD $2,000, so leveraging the in-built deduplication technology ExaGrid offers is where they saved the most money.

ExaGrid also works in conjunction with Veeam to provide an incredible storage solution. The combination of ExaGrid and Veeam’s industry-leading virtual server data protection solutions allows customers to utilize Veeam Backup & Replication in VMware, vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments on ExaGrid’s disk-based backup system.

This combination provides the world’s fastest backups, restore speeds and world leading deduplication which equates to highly efficient, hyperconverged data storage. It supports true Instant Restores for VMs in Veeam and comes with a full suite of Enterprise-grade features such as automatic Load Balancing (for all resources of CPU, RAM, Storage Capacity, WAN Optimisation) as well as replication to any offsite location/s for disaster recovery with nothing more to pay. The ExaGrid system fully leverages Veeam Backup & Replication’s built-in backup-to-disk capabilities and ExaGrid’s zone-level data deduplication for additional data reduction (and cost reduction) over and above what any SAN, NAS or other disk solution can do; best of all it will do all of this in any environment.

ExaGrid and Computer Merchants are offering a Back-Up Break-Even calculation for your business which compares what you currently use to an ExaGrid solution. We give you the details of when you can expect a ‘pay-back’ for your upgraded solution based on your ‘hard’ costs today – these results are usually felt in 4 months or less and usually save tens of thousands of dollars. No catches, just the world’s best Data Protection, now available in ANZ via Computer Merchants. So give the friendly team at Computer Merchants a call today for a free, no-obligation chat about how ExaGrid can transform your data storage.

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