Many of our customers will remember that Computer Merchants was founded 40 years ago, purely as a used hardware supplier.

Since then, like many businesses, we have evolved to cater to your changing needs over time. However, with the current uncertainty in the world it’s worth remembering that we can still help with used hardware, whether you want to dispose of your redundant hardware or purchase used hardware to keep your current systems operational for a longer period of time.

If you’re holding old hardware that you no longer require and want to clear the space that it’s using, we can help with the disposal. There may even be value in your redundant hardware so that we could offer to purchase it from you. Conversely, you may now be required to keep that older system running a bit longer. Whether that’s larger disks, more memory or another requirement we’re able to provide used product that will fill that need.

Right now we are all looking for ways to help. If we can help your business with used hardware, whether you are buying or selling, contact our team to see what we can do.
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