Robot assistants, voice recognition, driverless cars – they’re probably some of the things that come to mind when someone says Artificial Intelligence (AI). While this is one component of the AI world, there is much more to it that is more accessible than people realise. In fact, we are much closer to the AI future than you may think, as machine learning and automation becoming a significant space of investment for many organisations.

Machine learning refers to a machine’s ability to keep improving its performance without the need for a human to explain exactly how to accomplish all the tasks it’s given; In turn, comes automation. Thanks to machine learning we can now build systems that learn how to perform tasks on their own.

The history of machine learning goes back much further than you might think; in fact, AI and automation featured prominently in Gartner’s 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Gartner identified ‘Autonomous’ as the sixth and final stage of an organisation’s journey to becoming a ‘digital business’.

With digital transformation a major priority for many of today’s businesses, AI cannot be left out of the picture.

But what does this AI future look like for the average business? The power of machine learning and automation can offer things like data storage and analysis, chatbots on websites, virtual assistants scheduling meetings, adjustments to marketing campaigns, voice-to-text, and automated reporting. You may already be using AI and be unaware of it; so, it’s time to think about where AI fits into your business and how you can use it in a bigger way.

Businesses that leverage AI early will benefit from taking the time to integrate it into their organisational processes and allowing time for staff to adjust to a new, possibly complex, tech toolbox, therefore achieving operational efficiencies well before competitor businesses.

If you want to start making AI a part of your business, the first step is education. Learn more about what it means for your business and teach your staff about the benefits. The next step is looking into your options; we can help you investigate the AI solutions that will work in your business, as well as answer any questions about what AI means to the modern business.

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