Whether you have staff who work remotely, a workforce eager to go mobile or simply want your employees to be able to access business-critical information and applications anywhere, anytime, mobility is hugely powerful for companies.

Mobile technologies can bring fast, impressive returns on your network infrastructure investment, benefiting employees, customers and the business as a whole. Some of the ways mobility can empower your workforce include:

Work-life balance

Everyone is looking for that balance and with mobile technology, it’s easier than ever. Mobility allows your workforce to work anywhere, anytime, with the ability to stay home if they want to or even work from a unique office every day. It means if someone is a little late, there is flexibility as they can work in transit or catch up at home, so everyone gets that much needed personal time.

Collaboration anywhere, anytime

With the ability to access a network from any location at any time, keeping in touch with other staff members is no longer limited by the physical. Whether someone is onsite and needs to send data back to an office, teams must connect in different workspaces or staff are across countries and have their weekly meeting to attend, collaboration is easy.

Reduced costs

If staff work from home, there is no need for expensive offices with expensive upkeep. Rent, utilities, transit costs are all reduced dramatically. For mobile technology used for collecting data from worksites or external sources, staff no longer need to note down their work, transport it to another location and redo it there. Instead, transfer is instantaneous, saving time and in turn saving money thanks to reducing wasted time.

Happier, more productive workforce

Naturally, the ability to work from home or work more efficiently in offsite scenarios makes an employee’s job easier and in turn, makes them happier. Happier staff are more engaged and more productive, resulting in higher efficiency in everything they do.

The tech making it happen

Many vendors now offer mobile solutions but few offer a truly connected solution. HP Mobility provides a full range of software, services and Microsoft devices and accessories to grow and transform your company’s mobile capabilities. Whether you need devices to enable mobile work or software to connect it all, HP can help unite your business.

Mobility is an important change in business. As the technology grows, more and more staff expect it as standard. If you need help empowering them with mobility, talk to Computer Merchants about finding a unique plan for your organisation. 




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