Anyone who’s worked in IT has probably at some time wished they had a crystal ball. If only it were possible to predict when there would be problems in the IT environment that impact apps. Or to see future shortfalls that will slow down key systems.

While there is no guarantee of mystic powers, advances in big data analytics give a remarkably accurate ability to anticipate issues. Some vendors are now building this into products to give engineers a chance to see the future – no crystal balls or palm reading required.

One of the exciting applications comes in storage, led by market trailblazers Nimble Storage, whose technology predicts and resolves 86% of issues1 before they become problems or impact applications. The IT team can act on predictions to address performance, capacity or application issues early, without users experiencing any downtime.

It is done by analysing behaviour patterns and data gathered in the storage and virtualisation layer, to provide insight around the entire infrastructure environment. Cloud-based predictive analytics identify issues, even if they are not storage-related. Nimble’s InfoSight™ takes advances in analytics technology and applies them to the IT environment.

The implications of this connection are massive. InfoSight learns from the Nimble Storage installed base to predict problematic behaviour, and inoculate other organisations against experiencing the same issues. This machine learning prevents application downtime – in combination with a fault-tolerant system it delivers an astonishing 99.9999% measured availability2.

This advanced knowledge is a game-changer, with the power to transform the way technologists work. Think how much time most IT workers spend trying to identify the cause of problems, interpreting complex logs to try to pinpoint the exact problem, before they can start to find a solution. Troubleshooting is time consuming, frustrating, and a largely-thankless task.

Free up skilled staff from a huge proportion of that problem-solving focus, and think what they can do instead.

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that your organisation’s future health depends on its ability to thrive in the digital economy, and your IT team are some of the best equipped to take you there.

They understand the way your business works in intimate detail. Thanks to analytics, they have access to extraordinary insight into your markets and customers. And they know the technologies that can build new services and applications to put your business ahead.

Instead of paying IT staff to spend time troubleshooting, those adopting predictive analytics in this way are paying them to hunt down efficiencies in production, introduce apps that forge closer customer connections, or roll out better e-commerce options. You name it – the sky’s the limit.

To learn more about Nimble Storage technology, or the potential of analytics in your own environment, talk to the experienced Computer Merchants team.

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2. “Nimble Storage has demonstrated ‘six-nines plus’ availability, as it is based on actual measured, rather than projected, uptime across their entire installed base.” – Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage at IDC

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