What makes a town or city smart? It’s not the amount of data it collects, or how many sensors it has deployed to monitor the health of its utilities, it’s how that data is used to increase operational efficiency and to deliver better services for the community; every smart city starts with the network foundation.

Towns and cities are working hard to become more connected and effective communities through IT, in short, a ‘smart city’. Cisco is a global leader in IT and networking who have recognised the need for communities to become smarter through their IT and have launched a specific product offering to assist communities in their goal. The Cisco Meraki dashboard and network operating system is one way that Cisco is enabling local governments to become smart through four key initiatives.

Simplify Network Management

How distributed are your offices and locations? Are you managing these sites in high-density or remote locations that create issues for troubleshooting and management? Meraki’s dashboard allows you to easily manage one council office or an entire community worth of locations.

From access points to security cameras, Meraki gives you the ability to configure, troubleshoot, and update all devices remotely through a single interface. This greatly reduces your vendor, application and service costs while also giving you complete visibility of your entire network. A simplified management process that allows you time to spend on city-led initiatives that improve the day-to-day lives of your citizens.

Built for Lean Government IT Teams

Do you have limited IT staff tasked with managing your network, and are they dedicated network engineers? Meraki is the perfect solution for lean IT teams with no specialized training or command line required, non-technical staff can easily implement and manage the network themselves.

Being able to manage all network infrastructure from one central location removes the need for on-site management and day-to-day maintenance, allowing you to focus on community priorities. Thanks to Meraki’s ability to preconfigure devices before they’re implemented, you can also deploy an entire network in days, rather than months.

Enable Next – Generation Workers

Does your current network limit productivity and the ability for workers to collaborate across multiple sites? With Meraki you can provide your workers with the tools and real time data they need to excel, in and out of the office.

With access to leading technology like mobile applications, collaboration tools, BYOD and secure site-to-site VPN connections, you can attract new and skilled workers that also breaks down council silos and strengthens cross-location collaboration. Always-on connectivity provides fast and reliable access to data from anywhere, making it simple for employees to work effectively and make on-the-fly, impactful decisions for the better of the council and wider community.

Improve Citizen Experiences

Are you experiencing increased demand from residents to access information digitally? With the right network underpinned by reliable connectivity, you can deliver your community more effective public services, share meaningful interactions with members of the community and ultimately increase their quality of life.

Providing public Wi-Fi at schools, parks, sport complexes, libraries and more can close the digital divide and improve safety with better connected, more efficient law enforcement and emergency services teams.

These networks also give governments the ability to access data analytics and easily searchable, sharable CCTV footage which can positively impact citizens across the community and help community leaders make more informed decisions to reduce incidents.


Cisco Meraki is a simple, streamlined solution that enhances the productivity of IT staff and improves service delivery for all stakeholders, including council staff and constituents. It provides a safer more digitally connected community that also has room for scalability and growth.

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