Featuring the Fortress 500 G6

Data Centre in a Rack

3.5kW Edge Rack Solution

The Fortress 500 G6 offers you all the capability of a reliable data centre in a small, easy to manage, and easy to deploy solution. This complete IT infrastructure acts like a data centre in a rack™ incorporating power, thermal management, power distribution, and monitoring in a sound attenuated enclosure.

Eliminating any need to build additional server rooms for Edge of the Cloud applications, the Fortress 500 G6 is perfect for businesses that want to take back their brick and mortar space; ION Fortress 500 G6 is preconfigured, pre-installed, and factory tested, ensuring complete use from installation day one and system compatibility, and it has been designed to be easily taken with you when you move.


Fortress 500 G6 Features:

  • High grade powder coated construction
  • Fully contained for dust protection and sound minimisation
  • Access control through HID Swipe Card, Local LCD interface, Remote Authentication, or physical key
  • Environment and security monitoring
  • Emergency exhaust venting
  • Standard 3kVA online double conversion UPS
  • Efficient 3.5kW air cooled rack mount unit / optional water cooled system available
  • Power distribution
  • 255mm user friendly LCD touch panel 
  • 3 Year Warranty*
    • *3 Year Warranty based on Fortress being under a maintenance contract for the Cooling and UPS component.

ION offers market leading power protection solutions including UPS, power distribution, racks and enclosures, precision cooling, and environmental monitoring solutions. Their solutions help clients in healthcare, retail, hospitality, and security to alleviate the pain and cost of downtime from power outages.

  • Perfect power for high-end industrial application
  • Reliable backup power for electronic security applications
  • Insurance against power failures for Point of Sale & retail systems
  • Constant reliable power for data centres and critical IT Infrastructure

About ION

ION is a leading manufacturer of innovative power management solutions. The technology includes an expansive range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Units (PDU), Precision Cooling, Remote Monitoring solutions, Data Centre in a rack, and Network/Server racks.

The products provide perfect protection and backup power to high-end industrial applications, data centres, critical IT infrastructure, electronic security applications, and much more. Customers are provided with high-quality products, excellent service and sustainability at an affordable price.

ION is constantly innovating and striving for excellence to make sure they provide your business with the best power protection systems.

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