If you’re a sports fan, the power of teamwork won’t be new to you. Remember how Allan Border’s team of underdogs took the 1989 Ashes tour in England in a 4-0 whitewash? Or the way Leicester City overcame the star-studded likes of Manchester United and Chelsea to top the English Premier League in 2016?

Collaborative strength has led to some of the world’s greatest sporting victories – and the same applies every bit as much in business. The fact is not lost on business leaders, with collaboration becoming a key priority in many workplaces. With 72% of business leaders saying that ‘effective team communication’ has become even more important over the last two years1, the IT team has the chance to play a starring role.

Teamwork, of course, begins with people, and from an IT perspective, that means equipping them to play their part. The mantra at five times Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots’ Foxborough headquarters is ‘do your job’, with a focus on enabling every single member of the organisation to complete their tasks to the absolute best of their ability. Sport is big business, so their simple phrase can apply in any organisation.

Collaboration Endpoints
The right equipment for team members to do their jobs begins with the right collaboration endpoints, such as phones, desktops, and mobile devices. The everyday tools provide a vital link, and we find that the right choice here can be the difference between frustration and positive outcomes.
Sometimes, we get to work on immersive, whole room collaboration solutions with real wow factor – think conference rooms, communications headquarters and boardrooms with a futuristic twist. Leading the way, Cisco has some scalable, secure video and voice options that effortlessly bring you together with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Unified Communications
At Computer Merchants, we interact with our customers and vendors via an ever-increasing range of channels, from social media and instant message to calls and meetings. Those connections may be made on-premise, or in the cloud – and we’ve found the all-in-one Cisco Spark solution for calls, messages and meetings helps us to give a consistently strong, unified approach.

We’re currently offering a free trial of Cisco Webex Teams, so why not contact us to see it for yourself?

Customer Care
As a customer, there can be little more frustrating than explaining your needs to a different person each time you call, email or IM. For most of us, that frustration will result in dissatisfaction – and when alternatives are just a click away, our patience is limited. Integrated customer care solutions must be executed thoughtfully, so that every touchpoint results in a positive customer experience.

The implications are significant to the IT team. 89% of business leaders2 consider customer experience to be the new business ‘battleground’, and increasingly, the task of designing those experiences falls to the IT team.

In our own business, we’ve found that incremental digital transformation works better than massive instant change. When we began the process, we found we had many resources already available – our accurate systems of record, the customer feedback we gathered over time, and of course our people, who have an ever-ready stream of ideas to improve customer experience. We’re always happy to share our own experience of transformation and adjusting customer touchpoints – often our own customers face very similar challenges, and a fresh pair of eyes can help.

Watch our video to learn more about collaboration and customer experiences, or to try Cisco Spark free, contact our friendly team.

1 Harvard Business Review
2 Gartner

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