In spite of the massive amount of hardware most of us deal with, some is just special. Those machines that just do what they’re supposed to, and keep on working when others around them fail. The infrastructure that solves a massive headache, or saves us money right from the start. Yet all good things must retire eventually – but where does hardware go when it is time to update?

One major German transport organisation keeps a sort of hardware museum, with all sorts of decommissioned hardware kept intact in a special area of its datacentre. For most of us, though, such floor-space is an impossible dream. That’s where decommissioning comes in. We have a team of decommissioning experts who help all kinds of business to discard old equipment.

The first thing that Computer Merchants decommissioning specialists do is identify the equipment. That might sound obvious, but over the years, changes in staff and the arrival of new hardware can make this step quite challenging. If you’ve inherited a complex mix and don’t have a list or a basic summary of equipment, don’t worry. We’ve had a lot of practice at this kind of detective work!

Once the equipment is identified, we can determine an approximate value. Our Managing Director Norm’s first computer, a Commodore Vic 20 released in 1981, currently sells for around US$300 – if he could part with it. Hopefully your own equipment is of a more recent vintage.

You may have a large amount of higher value equipment than Norm’s Vic 20, and in this situation, we would typically arrange for it to be audited for you. There are other options, and it is worth scrutinising maintenance agreements and contacting the various vendors – just be careful not to get tied in to any agreement that doesn’t suit you. Usually, it takes our specialists a day or two to work through valuations.

Like many organisations, you may be seeking ways to aid the environment. You’ll be glad to know that we always check if a piece of equipment can be used in our own inventory or, even better, we can sell it on to someone who needs it. You receive something back for your unwanted machines, and someone with very limited budget gets a pre-loved bargain.

Not everything can be re-used, so when a home isn’t found for old hardware, we look at e-waste options. The possibilities include environmentally friendly disposal methods, along with more sophisticated data cleansing options, depending on your needs. The latter – which usually involves a cost – is especially important where sensitive data has been stored. In such circumstances, remember that basic deletion is never enough.

When we identify where we can help you with a purchase or supply of a removal service we provide a formal offer, and our project administration team arranges it all for you. They manage freight, and any specialist support needed. While we have grown and developed over the last 40 years, safe removal of equipment is a service we have done from the start. It might be hard to let go sometimes – but at least we can make the logistics easy for you!

Want to learn more about environmentally friendly ways to dispose of equipment? Contact our friendly decommissioning team for advice and a no-obligation chat.

Got a hidden stash of Vic 20 games? Call Norm!

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