Polyfone is an Australian owned telecommunications provider in operation for over 30 years, specialising in wireless internet services (Wireless ISP).

Telecommunications can be a commoditised space where choice of supplier often depends on price; but every business has unique needs greater than what a ‘one size fits all’ solution can provide.

As every business is unique, so too are their phone and internet solutions; and Polyfone is leading the way in tailored solutions for every customer.

With the introduction of the NBN, many businesses are being pushed into plans that may not be in their best interest by providers who can’t or won’t personalise business solutions.

One such business, an Ophthalmology Surgery, contacted Polyfone to discuss their potential needs. The very concerned surgery manager, Annie, had recently connected her home to the NBN after being wrongly informed there was no other option and had been strongly advised to do the same with their office.

Annie was, in her words, terrified as they’d experienced slow speeds and regular drop outs with their NBN service at home (which is also used as a home office) and couldn’t stand the thought of being forced to run their entire business through the NBN!

The only solution provided by their previous provider had been to run eight business phone lines through an NBN service once the copper lines were no longer in operation, and the purchase of yet another PBX to go with it.

Polyfone listened to Annie’s needs, understood her business and proposed the following for the surgery:

  • A symmetrical high speed HFM (Hybrid/Fibre Microwave) service.
  • Supply and configuration of 8 new IP ready IP handsets.
  • Supply of a fully maintained hosted PBX (where the usual ongoing costs of maintaining a PBX including power, insurance, break-fixes, paid for “adds, moves, changes” & the time required of her & Dr Howe to make informed decisions about all of these maters completely goes away).
  • Access to their own Portal for any changes required to their phones. (They have been paying a small fortune to have these changes done by an outside provider)
  • Tertiary integration of their existing, contracted Internet service (doubling the bandwidth) with intelligent SD-WAN service providing the failover/restore so elegantly that VoIP calls survive the failover process without dropping.

But the surgery was just the start of the process so Polyfone proposed the following for their home, ensuring their business would never suffer from telecommunication problems:

  • A symmetrical high speed HFM (Hybrid/Fibre Microwave) service incorporating their existing NBN service.
  • Supply and configuration of a new IP ready digital phone.
  • Linking the home phone with the office PBX so calls can be seamlessly answered/transferred between the two.
  • Bonding of the existing NBN service (as they are currently in a contract) with Polyfone’s HFM service. This joins the two speeds together AND works as an automatic backup in case of an internet service failure.

And best of all, because Polyfone is the sole provider, if a problem arises with any involved process or element Annie will enjoy having ‘the one bum to kick’.

A little about Polyfone:

  • Experts in microwave with 30 years’ experience
  • Polyfone owns & operates its own infrastructure (critical where businesses require ‘one bum to kick’).
  • Polyfone delivers services fast.
  • 24/7 monitoring & reporting.
  • Quick fault resolution – no BS, accurate and direct answers from our own engineers so you get the truth.
  • Polyfone constantly upgrades and expands their network.
  • 1:1 contention ratio EVERY TIME
  • 5% guaranteed up time – (during a recent major storm incident throughout the SE QLD region, Polyfone was the only Network not to experience an outage)

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