The applications your business depends on have changed over the years. Not surprisingly, the technology infrastructure supporting those applications has had to change too. Yet slow application delivery is still one of the bugbears of many organisations. In many cases, while servers have been updated, it is in fact another culprit that is slowing things down.

While less demanding applications presented little problem, traditional storage devices can put the brakes on data-hungry apps. Analytics, video, graphics-intensive or speed-dependent apps are typical in today’s businesses, adding efficiency, improving customer service, and supporting better business decisions.

Slow application delivery affects employee satisfaction – and in a competitive marketplace, the effect on service delivery can be enough to send potential customers elsewhere. Fortunately, where storage is slowing down applications, the answer can be simple and relatively inexpensive.

Flash storage was, until recently, costly enough to keep it in the realms of big corporations. Driven by intense competition, prices have fallen sharply enough that Flash is now inexpensive. The likes of storage specialists Nimble Storage have combined Flash with their InfoSight™ predictive analytics, making it a very sweet deal that ends up very affordable.

How? The total cost of ownership ends up at one third to two thirds lower than competitive flash solutions1– putting it within reach for far more organisations than previous Flash offerings on the market. It needs up to 30 times less memory2, and its data deduplication and compression leads to data reduction by up to five times. Their cost-optimised Adaptive Flash arrays can be used for backup, DR and even archives, whether or not primary copies are stored on all-flash.

That affordability means that Flash is a realistic option that avoids the application snarl-ups caused by previous storage technology. Flash has been around a while now, and the technology is proven. That integration of predictive analytics is something new, though – and its implications are felt far beyond the storage environment.

What it does is, it tells the IT department that there will be an issue before they can see it – so they can fix the problem without applications being interrupted or users ever noticing anything was wrong. And it does this not only for its immediate environment – it uses the data stored to analyse patterns and behaviours, and predict problems with other devices.

Reported availability of 99.9999%3 is something that any business should find very attractive. After all, is there ever any good time for downtime? The fact that even smaller businesses can achieve such astonishing performance is exciting. It gives them a shot at competing fiercely amidst the market disruption we’re seeing. And with skilled IT staff spending less time on troubleshooting, your organisation could put them to work on business growth or cost-reduction activities.

Storage may not be at the top of every business leader’s thoughts – but the latest iteration of Flash could light the direction for you to power ahead.

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