EMC just launched its Unity storage family, and it looks set to make a lot of IT managers happy. Unity checks a lot of boxes.

Affordable Flash optimisation is the big drawcard, with serious simplicity, data protection and an easy path to the cloud high on the list. It offers some attractive advantages for businesses that want to use all-Flash or hybrid options, and is designed to fit neatly in virtual or converged environments without the usual integration challenges.

Simplicity – intuitive management and EMC’s CloudIQ internet-enabled platform have the potential to keep admin time to a bearable minimum. Well-designed management always gets a big thumbs up from the Computer Merchants team. Simplicity has been a focus for smart vendors over the last few years, and Unity delivers. For those using external help to manage their IT environment, simpler handling helps to keep costs down, or to get more for your consulting money.

Modern – Unity’s 2U architecture is designed for all-Flash, and to support high-density SSDs including 3D TLC drives. It has the smarts to use automated data lifecycle management, meaning lower overall storage costs. Built-in encryption and remote replication, and integration with major software vendors (Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack) round out a good range of features that will keep Unity relevant for the coming years.

Affordable – one if the strengths of Unity is that it can optimise performance, storage density and cost to suit your own environment, so you can choose the balance that works for you. In fact, its efficiency may just give you the chance to use more Flash than you would expect to fit in your budget, and a bit of extra performance is always handy.

Flexibility – EMC offers options including purpose-built all-Flash, hybrid, converged infrastructure or a free virtual solution. All options can be connected easily with the Unity operating system. That is especially valuable for anyone facing changing or unpredictable market or business situations, where they may need to adjust their storage environment quickly.

EMC has created an infographic about the new Unity storage family, which is worth a look if you’re keen to find ways to keep storage costs down.

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