As consumers, we’ve all been there. Browsed around a store, gathered a few items and headed to the register, only to find a growing line of customers waiting to be served. At the service desk, a flustered sales assistant is wrangling with tricky point of sale (POS) equipment that is anything but intuitive. Some customers, spoiled by the immediacy of online shopping, put down their planned purchases and head for the exit.
As the best retailers know, point of sale matters. A lot. Slow or hard-to-use equipment doesn’t just limit sales. It also causes endless frustration for staff, making it hard to perform at their best.

We are finding with a lot of multi-store retail IT rollouts we work on that our customers are opting to upgrade to Toshiba’s TCxWave for exactly that reason. They’ve made it their POS equipment as easy to use as a smartphone. It shows its value very quickly in reduced staff training costs.

While the financial benefits of happier, better-supported staff are harder to measure, they are significant. Compare the frustrated, confused retail assistant with an experience where everything goes smoothly. At worst, shoppers will take that kind of efficiency for granted; at best, they will return again and again.

Of course, good POS goes beyond shorter queues and happier staff (although that’s a start that’s hard to beat). We’ve been impressed with the attention to design we’re seeing now. Not surprisingly for a company known for its screen quality, Toshiba has opted for generous, wide-screen options among its screen-size offerings. They’ve cottoned on to a key customer behaviour – trying to follow what is going on for themselves.

That’s pretty smart. Taking a customer-eye view is something we know works, time and again. They’ve followed the theme further, with anti-glare screens and left/right hand card swipe options and adjustable angle for ease of viewing. They’re making sure that nothing interferes with a quick, efficient purchase.

Of course, aesthetics is far more important in retail than elsewhere. Clunky, old equipment creates an impression that undermines even the most fantastic of merchandise displays. Gone are the heavy, grey machines, and in their place are elegant, slim designs that are modern and decidedly chic. Whether self-serve or assisted, they incorporate the retailer’s brand identity, reinforcing the customer connection.

Competition is tough these days, coming from far beyond the traditional sources. POS equipment that lifts you above the rest may be just the advantage you need.

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