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Trend Micro release security predictions yearly to help prompt consumers on what they may be facing in the next 12 months. Trend Micro’s security predictions for 2019 are based on experts’ analysis of the progress of current and emerging technologies and market trends, and their impact on the threat landscape. Read some of Trend Micro’s security predictions below:

Social Engineering via Phishing Will Replace Exploit Kits as Attack Vector

Phishing attacks will markedly increase in 2019. Due to diversity in software and operating systems (OS) which means no single OS holds more than half the market, cybercriminals can no longer target their threats by OS, so are adapting to exploit human emotion instead.

  • Actual Mass Real-World Use of Breached Credentials Will Be Seen

Breached credentials will be actively and heavily used in fraudulent transactions as cybercriminals take the next logical step after amassing data breach info dumps in past years: using these stolen credentials. We will see cybercriminals signing up with stolen account credentials for mileage and rewards programs, and using them to register trolls for cyberpropaganda, manipulate consumer portals by posting fake reviews, or add fake votes to community-based polls — the applications are endless.

Sextortion Cases Will Rise

We will see more polished executions or iterations of digital extortion. For instance, we will see an increase in reports of teenagers and young adults being extorted for non-monetary reasons. Even if there is no guarantee that a blackmailer will come through, the highly personal nature of this kind of attacks will make the victim seriously consider fulfilling the attacker’s demands.

Home Networks in Work-From-Home Scenarios Will Open Enterprises to BYOD-like Security Risks

Employees’ internet-connected home devices will be the new and unlikely entry point into enterprise networks. Our researchers have already proved how smart speakers can leak personal data. A few targeted attack scenarios in 2019 will make use of smart speaker weaknesses to access enterprise networks through employees’ home networks.

Automation Will Be a New Wrinkle in Business Process Compromise

As more aspects of monitoring and function are conducted through software or online applications, threat actors will have more opportunity to infiltrate these processes if they are not secured from the outset. Since threat actors will try to find weaknesses in a target company’s suppliers, partners, or vendors to accomplish their goals, automation will introduce risks to the supply chain as well.

Cybercriminals Will Use More Techniques to Blend In

In response to security vendor technologies, specifically the renewed interest in machine learning for cybersecurity, cybercriminals will use more malicious tactics to “blend in.” New ways of using normal computing objects for purposes other than their intended use or design will continue to be discovered, documented, and shared. Enterprises relying on machine learning technology as their sole security solution will be up for a challenge as more cybercriminals use these techniques, among others, to infect systems.

More Cloud-Related Software Vulnerabilities Will Be Discovered

As more enterprises migrate to the cloud, we will see cloud infrastructure vulnerability research gain ground, especially as the open-source community finds more uses for and digs deeper into cloud-related software.

Cybercriminals Will Compete for Dominance in an Emerging IoT ‘Worm War’

Routers will continue to be an attractive attack vector for cybercriminals wanting to take control of any number of connected devices. Recent router-based attacks that affect smart devices, or IoT attacks, are mostly based either on the same leaked source code from the Mirai malware or from other similarly behaving malware.

More Unknowns Require Intelligent Multilayered Security for Enterprises

The realities of modern hybrid data centre architectures and evolving endpoint/end-user access and mobility — including partners and other third parties that connect to the network — will demand a lot more from IT security teams in 2019. The IT security skill set shortage will thus become more pronounced, and augmenting existing expertise with intelligent, efficient, and multilayered security technologies will become more critical.

Developers Must Embrace DevOps Culture with Security as a Focus

DevSecOps — DevOps with a focus on security — leads to strong security practices and baked-in security every step of the way. Software developers should adopt this mindset, along with its practical range of tools, in order to reap not only security benefits but also cost reductions.

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