For SMBs, the network is evolving from an IT resource to a strategic business enabler…

The combination of mobile devices and cloud based applications is changing the way small and midsize businesses (SMBs) operate and how their employees engage with customers and business processes. Forbes reported that SMBs who adopt mobile technologies are seeing double the revenue growth and are creating up to eight times as many jobs as their less mobile-ready peers. For them, the network is evolving from an IT resource to a strategic business enabler.

The increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets is transforming the way we communicate, work and manage our personal lives. When we stay connected everywhere and collaborate on the go at every opportunity we get, we need the ability to access networks at the highest speeds and quality possible – regardless of where we are or which device we are using.

But when limited resources constrain your business from growing, it can be frustrating. 7 in 10 businesses get user complaints about poor Wi-Fi but 6 in 10 SMBs don’t have the on-staff networking expertise to manage them.

Aruba offers an easy way to deploy an integrated solution with built-in security – along with the right tools to collect and analyse performance data. Whether wireless or wired, it’s enterprise-grade networking made simple, reliable, and affordable. So you can focus on your business – not managing your network.

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