The modern workplace is transforming into a fragmented and organically open landscape. Courtesy of a rapidly growing and changing digitalised world, the emergence of a complex multi-device, multi-platform workforce has triggered a dramatic rise in the number of devices an IT team must secure and manage.

Although this expansion of technologies brings with it an incredible increase in what’s possible for businesses, it also brings with it new and compounding risks.

Double-edged Sword

The modern workplace is decentralising, moving towards flexible, more mobile working practices, which present a multitude of new and prevalent security risks. The number of devices that people work on is increasing exponentially, with HP estimating that people will be outnumbered by devices four to one by 20201.

As such, simple device management tasks are now complex, multilayered undertakings that have increased the urgency IT teams face around securing and managing these devices.

With time constraints hindering IT staff, it can be a struggle to find the time to think strategically and better your business’ IT initiatives. Multiple operating systems across different devices create new entry points for cybercrime to strike your moving targets.

A Moving Target

As the world becomes digitised in every way, it’s no surprise that crime would follow. In fact, PwC’s 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey: Australia Report highlights that in the last two years 43% of organisations surveyed had suffered a cyber-attack2.

Cybercrime continues to evolve with technology, and due to the hyperglobalisation and decentralisation of business, organisations across the globe and Australia are becoming more vulnerable with every added entry point. As a result, the importance of device security is only increasing, and IT staff must adopt a forward-thinking security strategy with a proactive approach instead of a reactive response to threats.

Beyond Financial Loss

In 2017 PwC found, in a global survey, that employee morale and damage to reputation were, in fact, the top two forms of damage caused by cybercrime3. Thus, from both an internal and external perspective, reputation management is one of the major concerns if a data breach was to occur.

Considering your business’ reputation is therefore crucial when assessing your device management and security strategy. As history has shown, it’s easier to recover from an economic loss than to repair a damaged reputation.

A model to combat these elements

The multifaceted landscape of modern digital security poses numerous threats to your business, but it’s just one area of risk associated with a constantly moving, mobile workplace.

Asked to do more with less, many organisations’ PC refresh projects have been lost in transition through the desire to extend the life of a device. This increases security risks but can also result in a loss of business productivity and decreased employee satisfaction.

With our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, we proactively handle your security on a detect and respond basis, while also improving efficiency and your IT cost predictability. DaaS can make your company more efficient, improve the employee experience and free up IT resources to focus on innovation-led initiatives. We manage the end to end lifecycle of your multi-OS desktops, workstations and mobile devices, with services and support included in one contract on a fixed price per device.

From a security standpoint we minimise your device’s vulnerabilities, and address issues before they become a problem, along with monitoring the health of your fleet regularly.

Benefits of a DaaS agreement with Computer Merchants include:

  • The ability to transition from Capex to Opex for your end-user computing devices
  • Your responsibility for hardware asset management is now our responsibiltiy
  • Full lifecycle management processes are applied to user devices
  • End-user computing cost models are drastically simplified
  • A team of external, skilled staff provide services and ongoing assistance
  • All warranties and licensing costs are included in cost model
  • Morale and satisfaction are boosted as employees work on newer, up to date devices
  • Issues are resolved faster, minimising down time and increasing productivity

For Computer Merchants, technology is all about solving business challenges and helping our customers to chart their direction towards an exciting digital future. We make a point of understanding exactly what your team needs in a device, before retro-fitting your business with a bespoke DaaS solution. Give us a call on 1800 777 111 and start your journey to a simple, solidified and secure device management solution.

1 “A Simple Security Solution For Today’s Workplace”, 2018, HP Development Company

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