Gain insights into traffic patterns across your WAN from a central aggregation point, designed for organisations with multiple sites and networks. Provide an amazing network experience for your end users by understanding their behaviour on the network and alleviating network performance problems.

With the ongoing migration to cloud applications, organisations now more than ever need high performing networks. When the network is slow, business and user productivity is impacted and the calls to the network support start.

Overview: Sinefa’s Aggregation Point visibility allows you to immediately understand network application usage over the entire WAN, Internet and cloud environment from a single location.

  • Total WAN visibility via one centralised deployment
  • Improve network performance
  • Smoother migration to cloud services
  • Low cost OPEX service, minimal (or no) CAPEX
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Provisioned in minutes
  • Reduce service tickets and cost
  • Improve network performance
  • Capacity planning

A Sinefa probe is deployed at an Aggregation Point at the edge of the network, typically in a data centre or head office location or where many WAN circuits terminate. For multi-site organisations, Sinefa’s scalable solution provides immediate application traffic visibility of every remote location. Sinefa is designed to handle thousands of branch locations and 100’s of Gigabits per second leveraging the power of the cloud for detailed analytics and visibility from any web browser. Visualise network traffic by vLAN, MPLS label, Subnet and Active Directory groups.

Delivering a better user experience

Providing a network connection to an end user is not enough. As organisations digitise their businesses, the user experience is key. The network is the underlying mechanism to deliver the services of the future. Network experience is crucial in order to achieve business productivity and a positive user experience, especially when using cloud-based applications or virtual desktop infrastructure.

Sinefa provides visibility of all traffic moving in and out of individual branches as well as remote locations. Administrators can quickly identify which applications and users are consuming bandwidth and allocate bandwidth to ensure critical business applications perform as expected.

Additionally, Sinefa can be used for Cloud pre-migration network assessments, for example baselining, managing the cloud footprint of applications, and determining if additional network capacity is needed. Sinefa’s portal focuses on simple and concise presentation in order to enable non-technical users to quickly understand usage patterns and the best course of action to improve overall network performance.

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