On the 3rd of May 2017 Computer Merchants unveiled it’s new look CM View. For those not familiar, the CM View is a tool that we have developed to help us support you and your IT infrastructure. The CM View gives us a consolidated view of what is happening on your systems so that we can be pro-active in supporting you. Please see our frequently asked questions below for more information regarding the CM View.

What additional features are in the new release?

  • A new intuitive modern look interface.
  • A view of all tickets relating to your systems
  • A view of all activity associated with each ticket
  • Advanced filtering options
  • More search functions
  • Request Update quick link

To access the new CM View simply go to https://cmlive.computermerchants.com.au.

CM View Frequently asked questions.

What is CM View?
CM View is Computer Merchants own propriety system which we developed to monitor our clients system. It provides us and our clients with a consolidated view of their critical IT infrastructure and provides alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Why do I need CM View when I have my own monitoring?
Your team can continue to use your existing monitoring solution. Systems reporting to our CM View will be monitored by our support team. The end result for you is that both your team and ours are watching over your critical systems.

How much does it cost?
It’s free! We will configure your systems to CM View for no charge. Our support team will watch for alerts and then notify you of any events that we detect.

Surely you must charge for something?
Yes we do. In the event of an issue, you may not have the skills or resources to address it and may seek assistance. This is our opportunity to provide you with professional services and demonstrate our capabilities. This often leads to further engagements and long term relationships between our support team and yours.

Do you provide a guaranteed SLA?
Clients that require a guaranteed response time will need to purchase a Computer Merchants Support Agreement. Our Support Agreements are tailored to your requirements so that you have peace of mind there is an engineer with the right skills to help you when you need it. This includes after hours, weekends and public holidays.

What about security?
Systems report to CM View via outbound SMTP traffic only. i.e Email. The only requirement is that your systems have connectivity to your mail server. No firewall configuration changes and no inbound communication therefore no additional security exposures

Can I get support if my systems are not on CM View?
Yes, support from Computer Merchants is not dependent on CM View. We have simple, flexible engagement models to access our team of experienced, highly skilled engineers when you need them.

What Systems are compatible with CM View?
Currently supported: Suse and Red Hat Linux Servers
IBM Power Servers Aix & System i
IBM V7000 storage arrays

Road Mapped: Windows Servers (In Beta testing)
IBM Spectrum Data Protect
All Vendor Storage Arrays
VMware and Veeam

How can I find out more?
Simply call our office on 1800 777 111 or email us at support@computermerchants.com.au.
Any of our staff can help you with you enquiry.

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