The increase of technology comes with both benefits and drawbacks. While we get to enjoy the best in tech and see the workplace transform, this evolution also comes with increased security risks. In fact, by 2021 the annual damage from security breaches is project to reach $6 trillion globally. The challenge for businesses is protecting their data. Here are some of our predictions for the industry in 2018:

Automation and orchestration

Cyber attacks are not only growing in numbers but also the finesse in which they penetrate data. The time it takes to identify and remediate security incidents manually may take too long before a problem becomes something more serious. As automation and orchestration tools become more intelligent, it only makes sense they will have a larger place in organisations to overhaul internal processes and augment lines of communication.

Smarter tech

Technology is no longer solely about the benefits it brings the user. Now, tech is also focused on safety from the foundation up. In 2018, companies will put more importance on security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage, and customize, while also easy for employees to use. HP and Microsoft are a few of the companies offering tight security in all of their offerings.

People focus

With 2.8 billion internet users, expected to double in the next few years, it is only natural that social engineering and insider threats will also increase. With technology improving in leaps and bounds, the major issue for businesses in the next year will be human vulnerabilities. There will be a larger focus on defending against this by creating a plan that outlines the processes best aligned with protecting the business and uses the power of various technologies to detect insider threats, streamline investigation, prevent data loss and respond effectively.

Security education

With the people risk in mind and the increase of mobile devices, it is also important to ensure all your staff are educated. Your IT team (in-house or managed) shouldn’t have to spend the majority of their time in incidents caused by human error but unfortunately many cyber attacks are caused by just this. In 2018, expect to see a stronger focus on education and awareness training around cyber security for all staff.

Data security is always at risk and breaches are inevitable, but understanding what’s ahead and having the right support can ensure minimal disruption. For more advice or for expert assistance on all things cyber security, talk to the team at Computer Merchants.




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