Reduce risk and compliance concerns with an effective review of your current software and entitlement contractual position. Our license review offerings cover Oracle, SAP, Infor, IBM, VMWare, Micro Focus, CA and HPE.

The review identifies your usage versus your contractual entitlements to determine current utilisation effectiveness. This process allows your organisation to work effectively on future projects, licensing and procurement strategies.

Evaluation, Advice and Relationships

The review provides independent advisory services for the completion of license reviews; usage analysis reports; and strategic advice around optimising and modernising your software environment. We can help you navigate the way forward and develop a commercial framework to support compliance, optimisation and modernisation. Computer Merchants can then coordinate with vendors to ensure a suitable commercial outcome. This methodology can have a significant impact on behaviour and approach when reviewing licensing terms and commercials.

Licensing Requirements Analysis and

Target Outcomes Planning

To provide the foundation for developing an effective and commercially sound Licensing Strategy, we can help you develop a commercial framework that includes your future software license requirements and any strategic outcomes.

Negotiation Advisory

How you handle the negotiation process is critically important to achieve a quality outcome. Proven experience in managing these negotiations ensures your organisation is on the front foot and that your negotiation strategy is planned and executed. The negotiation approach takes as its key objectives the outcomes identified during the Licensing Requirements Analysis & Target Outcomes Planning phase. We also use a vendor’s strategy and approach towards maximising license fees to identify areas of leverage and negotiable items.

Computer Merchants can help you in these areas:

  • Understanding your current environment and usage
  • Avoiding non-compliance and identifying compliance gaps
  • Risk Mitigation including: indirect access and third-party use
  • Optimising and modernising your current environment
  • Creating a license baseline as a pre-cursor for migration to the cloud
  • Eliminate compliance concerns
  • Re-negotiating contracts
  • Identify and eliminate “shelfware”
  • Reduce ongoing support costs through consolidation
  • Migrating or upgrading licenses to a more cost-effective metric
  • Reducing costs by identifying redundant licenses and knowing how to cancel them without penalty
  • Assessing potential license cost implications on new hardware
  • Reducing the maintenance of license management
  • Matching license requirements to business drivers
  • Delivering a Software Asset Managemen(SAM) strategy to help reduce overheads
  • Avoiding budget blowouts and unplanned spending

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