As the world is redefined by evolutions in technology, businesses realise new priorities and IT organisations are driven to discover new imperatives. VMware speeds up digital transformation, empowering businesses to compete and succeed with software that reinvents the foundation of computing and mobile user experiences. With a common operating environment that lets customers use any cloud they choose, end-to-end security solutions, and simple, secure digital workspaces, VMware solutions and services enable customers to build exactly what they need, the way they need it for today and tomorrow.

Computer Merchants use VMware to help companies accomplish the key missions that move them forward, freeing them to shape an unlimited future. These key missions align with four strategic IT priorities: Modernise Data Centres, Integrate Public Clouds, Empower the Digital Workspace and Transform Networking and Security.

Modernise Data Centres 

As IT organisations leverage their existing data centre environments, they face challenges on multiple fronts. Many are grappling with legacy systems that can’t deliver the agility and flexibility required to thrive. IT departments face shrinking or static budgets that make it impossible to reliably meet business demands with traditional infrastructure models. And cross-functional workflow and approval processes slow organisations speed to market with innovation.
In some cases, line-of-business organisations are deploying public and hybrid cloud services that deliver the agility and flexibility to solve issues that internal IT organisations might find themselves struggling with. However, public cloud adoption can create operational cloud silos and compliance risks. IT needs to find new ways to offer services seamlessly and securely across private and public clouds.
To keep pace with escalating business demands, organisations need an agile, service-oriented IT model for data centres that leverages both their on-premises data centre resources and public clouds. Not long ago, highly dynamic, available and programmatic compute, storage, network and security services could give businesses an edge over competitors. Today, these capabilities are simply the standard by which all organisations operate. Organisations need to quickly move forward on their journey toward an agile, flexible and modern Software-Defined Data Centre environment—or risk being left behind.

Integrate Public Clouds 

Public clouds provide organisations with new opportunities to scale their operations, accelerate service delivery and reduce costs. To drive agility up and costs down, IT leaders want to institutionalise the use of public clouds. They seek to take advantage of the benefits of public clouds and enable their businesses to use them freely, making the right cloud choice based on the requirements of individual workloads. However, they want to do so in a way that prevents the emergence of cloud silos.
Organisations are looking to simplify the operation of multi-cloud environments by adopting common solutions for management, networking and security. They want visibility into the cost and performance of their applications across their clouds and they require enterprise class security.

Empower the Digital Workspace 

New technologies such as cloud and mobility are rapidly changing the way people work and live and are having a profound impact on business strategy. A growing percentage of today’s workforce wants the flexibility, convenience and productivity that mobile solutions provide. They believe in collaborative work styles and the freedom to work from anywhere on the devices and apps they choose.
Organisations also want greater agility, and businesses are reinventing their processes to take advantage of mobile and cloud technologies that maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness. By delivering a superior end-user experience, regardless of where they are working and which devices they are using, organisations hope to empower their employees.
The traditional ways of managing, securing and supporting workforces, apps and data don’t always meet business needs. To embrace new opportunities and address new challenges, businesses across every industry are exploring new solutions that can help them empower a more productive, cost-effective and agile organisation.

Transform Networking and Security

Legacy networking models are not keeping pace with the rapidly changing demands of modern business that rely on the cloud and edge services – thus holding back digital business transformation initiatives and strategies. Additionally, the proliferation of distributed applications and services across mobile endpoints, IoT, data centres, public clouds, SaaS, branches and the edge now require a new approach to how security is designed and deployed. To be effective, networking and cybersecurity must be an inherent part of the infrastructure.

The network of the future is software-defined. It must be a ubiquitous software layer from data centre to cloud to edge infrastructure to provide a secure, consistent foundation that drives your business forward. This requires IT to utilise software to enable customers to connect securely and operate an end-to-end architecture delivering services to applications and data.

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