For most organisations databases tend to hold the most important information and power the applications that the business really cares about.  For many, supporting databases represents a big chunk of the overall IT spend.

Logically speaking, database infrastructure represents an excellent opportunity for optimisation as customers re-think managing their databases and applications; often requiring more simplicity, optimization and affordability.

Trying to build your own system isn’t always the answer. Managing, maintaining and supporting multiple Infrastructure technologies is tedious, not to mention keeping up with multiple patches from multiple vendors. Simply put: using generic hardware from a multitude of vendors results in more work and generic results, and as budgets get slashed businesses must do more with less.

So, what are your options for your database infrastructure?

  1. You can build your own database infrastructure with multiple vendors; this is a complex building block construction set you need to build.
  2. You can go with a converged or hyperconverged architecture; but there are still pieces missing higher in the stack and you are still dealing with multiple vendors. How compatible is the hardware with the software added on top?
  3. If you’re looking for a fully integrated solution that’s built specifically for optimal database performance, time to value and cost effectiveness, Oracle Database Appliance is the right choice for your business. You get full support, from product development to the software and hardware support, from one vendor. Plus, the solution is public cloud-ready, meaning that there are equivalents of the technology in Oracle’s public cloud.

The Oracle Database Appliance is a complete system of servers, OS, storage and networking. You gain speedy deployment and save on licensing with Capacity on Demand, all at an affordable entry level price; Oracle can help guide you from on-premise to Oracle’s public cloud, which is all supported by one company, Oracle.

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