The digital economy is seeing businesses evolve with new models and increasing demands. This puts pressure on IT to deliver applications faster, while also ensuring security and availability for staff. While this has come a long way, with compute or server virtualisation a reality for many, there is more to do. With many IT teams still relying on hardware-centric approaches to storage and networking, it’s time to make a change. When speed and performance are paramount, moving to a software-centric approach is the answer to getting ahead in the data centre.

What is modern infrastructure?

Businesses need modern infrastructure to enable IT and deliver what staff need. This means leveraging the power and efficiency of virtualisation across the data centre, virtualising compute storage and management. Management across all three should be streamlined. This will ensure you can evolve without risk, lower your TCO and scale for the future, ideal for the software-defined data centre (SDDC).

Why change?

An IDC forecast said hyper-converged systems will grow by 64% between 2015 and 2019. Companies recognise modern infrastructure as a fundamental part of their journey toward the SDDC. Hyper-converged infrastructure helps create a reliable foundation to build a SDDC from.

The answer

VMware enables you to modernise your infrastructure with a unified, software-defined approach that leverages hyper-converged infrastructure. You can choose to deploy integrated or individual components, with many benefits to enjoy.

Modern infrastructure isn’t just a sales ploy to make you upgrade – it’s important in a world where digital is evolving faster than ever before and the pressure on IT immense. If you need help upgrading your infrastructure to accelerate your journey to a SDDC, talk to the VMware experts at Computer Merchants today.

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