The modern world is digital. From the time we wake up, to our daily work and all the way to our heads hitting our pillows at night, we use technology in one way or another. We check the weather before opening the door, catch up on messages with friends, some even check emails on the way to the office, then we step into our workplace and turn on the computer.

Thanks to this digital reliance, company performance is reliant on the ability to use IT not just to function normally, but to improve the way people work and the results they deliver.

While small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) usually understand the need for and value of IT to drive digital transformation, making it happen comes with another set of obstacles entirely.

A Desperate Need

We live in a world where a certain level of technology is expected from staff. Slow or no internet is cause for panic in an office, limited access to data an emergency, and not being able to communicate out and about results in stressed staff. The right IT environment can make all these problems disappear.

The Disruption of Digital

Making large changes in your IT can be disruptive, but essential; and no business is immune. Success and longevity require change or you risk becoming obsolete; technology will race ahead if you don’t keep up. There are many opportunities out there, and digital transformation doesn’t have to be overwhelming if implemented strategically.

Small Team and Small Budget

So you may be on board the idea of transformation, but for SMBs, there are many more obstacles to come. In larger companies, the burden can be shared among several IT staff. Smaller organisations may only have a few people, or one person, with several roles. Add to that a smaller budget and transformation seems a long way in the future. This is where external help (such as Computer Merchants) can assist. They can help you create a plan and assist with additional manpower to help accelerate your transformation.

Solutions Aimed at Enterprises

A lot of solutions in the market are targeting larger organisations. They can be complex to set up and manage, and are on a larger scale than is often needed. It can be difficult to find SMB-friendly alternatives, however they are out there. Cisco Start is one example of a set of solutions made with smaller businesses in mind, ensuring a product that fits the job and isn’t going to overwhelm staff, click here to learn more about the Start Range.

When it comes to digital transformation, small and medium businesses are in a position where there is a strong desire, but often more obstacles when compared to their larger competitors. IT managers in this situation should not have to choose between these obstacles and the future of their business. With Computer Merchants and Cisco Start, you don’t have to. Get in touch to see how we can help you start your journey.

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