When you’re reviewing new options for storage, it is always good to see what others have done. After all, when it comes to your valuable data assets, you want proof that you are going to get the right outcome.

That’s why a Nimble Storage success story caught our attention. Nimble is fast-emerging as a storage option that should be on everyone’s list of possibilities, so reading about what a finance company did to solve their storage problems was of great interest.

The company had to reduce the high cost of storage acquisition and management as a priority. In doing that, they would also need to reduce the storage footprint and power consumption. They wanted to be able to scale very quickly in terms of performance and capacity.

To achieve those outcomes, there were plenty of vendors they could consider, many of which can lay claim to solid, proven solutions. Nimble won them over, though, and they went with the CS200 adaptive flash array and InfoSight™ Predictive Analytics, which gives them a very impressive range of management functionality.

InfoSight is an exciting development in storage products, and it has been getting some outstanding results. It brings predictive analytics into play with the data stored. Among other things, it can analyse application behaviour and predict issues before they ever become crises, meaning that IT staff can greatly reduce the time they spend fixing problems. And when IT people have a bit more time, they tend to work on bringing great ideas to fruition. It is a win-win scenario.

The real biggie, though, is the time saving. The finance company is reporting they saved several weeks per year of IT administration time. There’s no word on what they did with that saving, but think for a moment about what it would mean for your own business. IT skills available to focus on cost reduction or on growth opportunities. An IT team less stressed, because machine learning means they know where potential problems lie, and can address them before it involves an army of angry staff descending on them.

As we move further into the digital economy, those available IT skills are your strength. Your IT people know the business like nobody else, and they understand the potential of new technologies as they relate to your market. They are also highly skilled problem solvers.

When they’re not endlessly wrangling recalcitrant SANs, IT professionals are a force to be reckoned with. Free up their time and get them in a room to throw around ideas to improve the business. We can guarantee you’ll get a new perspective.

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