Noun: the state of being united or joined as a whole

We spend a lot of time listening to the hurdles our customers face, and one topic that is always on the radar is storage. Little wonder – they are dealing with tsunami-like volumes of data that they need to store. When we help them solve their storage challenges, though, it has a remarkable impact on the rest of their environment.

This is because storage inefficiencies will undoubtedly cause bottlenecks elsewhere. Some applications run slower, while those with heavy performance demands are in danger of coming to a grinding halt. Of course, inevitably, those are the applications that you really need to run your business, which means missed opportunities, lower customer satisfaction and frustrated staff. If you want to create an efficient environment, sorting out storage is a wise place to start.

One of the common culprits in storage related bottlenecks is an environment that has been expanded piecemeal. There is probably never an easy time to tackle an increasingly complex problem, and sometimes the add-more-storage bandaid is all there is time or budget for. What can happen, though, is the organisation can end up with equipment that doesn’t really work together all that well.

For most IT managers, the storage wish-list would include affordable, easy to use, reliable, cloud-ready, and readily integrated in the existing data centre environment. Add to that flash-optimisation, and strong data protection, and you’ve got an attractive proposition.

Vendors have been focusing on this issue in the new breed of storage products emerging, In fact, EMC named their newly-launched storage family ‘Unity’, which seems rather apt. What they’ve done is worked on uniting virtual, all-Flash, hybrid and converged infrastructure options in one simple to use package. The good news is, they’ve elected to keep the Unity range very affordable, so you’re getting some enterprise-level functionality without the big budget price tag.

The competitive pressure on vendors is bringing some windfalls to customers. Organisations have been pushing for smarter, feature-rich products, and in today’s environment, vendors can’t afford not to take notice. For the likes of EMC, this is a bonus; they get to know what their target market needs, and focus their efforts accordingly.

That customer feedback is something we value deeply at Computer Merchants. Just as vendors strive to improve products, so we can never lose our focus on offering the best support and service. Listening to our customers helps them to get the most powerful outcomes – but it is far from one-sided. The wisdom and input of our customers helps us to get better at what we do. To us, that is what healthy relationships are all about.

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