Windows 7 is Going End of Support in January, Have You Changed OS?

Every product has a lifecycle. It begins when the product is released and ends when the product is no longer supported. In 2020, support will end for Windows 7. With the deadline fast approaching, are you wondering what will happen if you don’t update your Windows 7 devices?

After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and support for PCs with Windows 7. Therefore, if you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will still work but will become more vulnerable to security risks.

What Options Do You Have?

Many machines running on Windows 7 are older devices which could be replaced for devices that run faster and cost less to maintain. In the lead up to 2020 many vendors are offering special pricing, so it could be a good time to reach out to your Computer Merchants account manager to get pricing on new devices.

If your devices aren’t due to be replaced and meet the minimum device requirements for a Windows 10 upgrade, it is possible for your account manager to guide you through a transition to Windows 10.

What options do you have to update your devices?
1. Recommended is to shift to Microsoft 365 or Windows 10
2. Fall Back would be to leverage Windows Virtual Desktop
3. Last Resort would be to buy the extended security updates

Budget Holding You Back?

Computer Merchants offer simple financing options to new and existing customers. By working with a wide range of vendors we’re confident we can find you the right financing or leasing agreement.

I Don’t Know If My Machines Meet the Minimum Device Requirements

Do you currently use CMLive? If you do, your account manager might be able to advise you which devices can be upgraded, and which need to be refreshed. But don’t worry if you don’t use CMLive, or your devices aren’t recorded, you can still reach out to your account manager who can work with our services department to help you.

If you don’t know your account manager’s details or don’t think you have an account manager, get in touch on our general business line 1800 777 111 to get the details of someone who can help you update your Windows 7 devices, or help with the greater Microsoft suite.

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