Offices that look like something out of a sci-fi movie are no longer just a thing of fiction. The office of the future is now. Businesses are evolving rapidly and the workspace has transitioned to focus on flexibility and activity-based work. But what does this mean for your business?

The age of “bleisure”

A combination of business and leisure, bleisure refers to a concept where workplaces integrate “leisure” activities or spaces that encourage interaction, engagement and a sense of freedom. This could be cafe-style lunch rooms, sleeping pods or games rooms. Whatever the option, the idea is to bring more leisure to the office and create a space that is conducive to both relaxation and work.

Mobile workforce

Perhaps one of the earliest adopted changes in the workplace was the ability to work in places other than the office while staying connected to the business. Mobility empowers staff, with the option to work in transit, from home or at other locations (even if they are halfway across the world) where appropriate. This is a big change for the traditional workspace that is growing all the time.

Increased productivity

The advent of Artificial Intelligence and automation, as well as better work environments across the board, mean productivity can be drastically increased easily. By allowing workers to better utilise their specific knowledge and skills, productivity is unleashed.

Blurred lines

With more flexibility in how staff can work, the traditional working day of 9-to-5 at the office is slowly becoming the minority. This is great for flexibility and work-life balance, but can also make it hard to define boundaries between working and not. As this flexibility becomes more common, it’s important to ensure staff can maintain a distinct line between work and home.

Getting left behind

Workplaces are slowly transforming but the changes increase every year and for those who don’t keep up, they could end up left behind. The benefits of the office of the future can enhance business outcomes and ultimately help the bottom line. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed – we can guide you in the evolution with the help of partners like Lenovo. Call Computer Merchants to see how you can transform.

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