At Computer Merchants, we are constantly looking for innovation in the marketplace. We are delighted to be working with Oper8, an organisation at the cutting edge of innovation. We are able to present our customers this month with an exclusive opportunity to view the latest in Cloud Edge devices, we introduce you to STULZ MDC Enabled by Oper8.

The Edge is something you may already be familiar with, so what exactly is the Edge? Well, according to PC Magazine1, it is “a network located on the periphery of a centralised network. The edge network feeds the central, or core, network”. What does that mean to you or me? It means having compute capability on the LAN rather than over the WAN, it means faster response times, it means no network congestion or latency, it means richer content, served locally. It means greater control and visibility over what you are doing and when you are doing it. Gartner has stated “…this is perhaps as important as the cloud computing trend ever was.” So what is driving this fervour in an already hot market?

  1. Internet of Things is gaining traction, it is reported that there will be 21 billion new connected devices in play, globally, within the next five years. Quite simply, there is not enough bandwidth to cope with that kind of increase in demand. It will make sense to perform the compute requirements locally and trickle feed the analysis of findings to your centralised “cloud”.
  2. Networks are already congested, latency is real, mainly because the Cloud lives only in Sydney and a bit in Melbourne, if you are in Australia.
    End User Experience – you know, that old chestnut where what you do and how you do it are really recognised. Bandwidth latency and network congestion create an application performance issue for end users, who complain and then leave creating a knock on headache within the business.
  3. High Density Compute – the very thought of being able to manage 30, 40 or even 60 Kw of power at the Edge to provide High Density Compute where it will be at the mercy of the people who are using it – at the Edge.
  4. Storage and Archive Growth – advances in digital imaging and video is driving continued growth in storage. With digital cameras up to 100MP, and 8k digital video now available, storage for media files and associated distributed content caching will drive network wide storage capacity increases.

Simply throwing bandwidth at these problems will create a huge problem for the Data Centres within whose walls the Cloud resides, it makes sense to consider The Edge for this purpose.

Micro Data Centres (MDC’s) are essentially an Edge Device, completely mobile and capable of being located in space that otherwise, might never be used. Deployment is deemed “low impact” as existing rooms/space does not need to be stripped or civil works undertaken. Installation typically requires one or two single phase power circuits, a path for pipework to external cooling systems, condensation drains, and generally overhead communications cabling access. All standard STULZ MDC Enabled by Oper8 enclosures are dust proof and intended for internal installation (unless the External Weatherproof enclosure is selected). Essentially, you are procuring a self-contained Computer Room with none of the fit out issues or capital expense headaches. If you happen to be a business that moves offices, like the average business does, every 18 months, you can simply unplug and relocate, quickly, simply and efficiently. Whilst you can outright purchase, if you like, Opex models appear to be driving take up for this multi-faceted product. So, what can you get besides the box? How can you option up your new Edge Compute Device?

Specifications vary according to customer requirements, however a standard rack, a twin, a triple, a quad, a quin or a sextuple are all viable or a variant to meet the needs for its purpose in a standalone configuration with:

  • Additional Cooling Capacity
  • CCTV cameras and security surveillance
  • Electronic locks (installed with initial order)
  • Energy: Containerised Diesel Generator
  • In-rack gaseous fire suppression (per rack)
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Network: 40Gb Network Switching
  • Network: Router / Firewall
  • Onsite Maintenance increase from bi-annual checks and tests
  • Storage: CloudBox NAS (up to 30TB rack mount appliance with automated Oper8 cloud backup)
  • Storage: Replicated Archive Solution (nominally up to 100PB per customer) • Additional UPS Capacity
  • Chilled Water Cooling in lieu of Condenser
  • Enclosure: External Weatherproof Rated
  • High Density Structured Cabling, with optional 1RU patch panels or ZeroU patching
  • Lithium ION UPS in lieu of lead-acid battery UPS (lead acid effective to 22֯C whilst LI+ works effectively to 40֯C)
  • Network: 10Gb Network Switching
  • Online Asset Management (per rack)
  • Storage: CCTV Digital Storage with automated cloud backup
  • Storage: File Sync Share and Backup
  • Storage: Scale out NAS (blended NAS appliance or VM with integrated cloud storage capacity extensions)

If you are interested in learning more about MicroDC’s and Edge Compute capability, please reach out to your friendly Computer Merchants Account Manager who will be happy to organise more detailed information as it relates to your business challenge.

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