With a wide and varied client list, built up over the last 40 years, Computer Merchants must often diversify and evolve to the unique challenges our clients face. This year, our data has shown that our client’s big issues have been Security, IT Operational Cost, IT and Application Availability, Digital Transformation, Blockchain and AI/Machine Learning and Analytics.

We’ve compiled some of the shared topics our clients raise below, and some of the key questions you should be asking yourself.

Security – Encryption, Data Breaches & the Potential Cost Ramifications

Just how secure is your data? Further to that, do you know the potential cost your organisation stands to wear if required to rectify losses of critical client details and data? In a recent study of 400+ companies across the globe, every organisation had experienced some form of data breach within their lifespan. The cost associated with these attacks ranged from “inconvenient” to multi-million, enough to wipe out a large number of today’s small businesses. What is your risk, and how exactly can you efficiently protect your data?

 IT Operational Costs – Cloud, Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

CIO’s are constantly under the pump to reduce operational costs, and to essentially do more with less. This has not only resulted in an uptake of virtualisation to get the most out of hardware but is also driving the move to Cloud to take advantage of more cost-effective platform delivery services.  But is a Public Cloud really the best option when you consider the data risk and possible software licensing blow-out?  What exactly is the best fit for your different types of workloads?

IT and Application Availability & Resiliency

It’s not hard to understand that if your critical workloads are down, you’re losing money every second that you’re unable to service clients. Many of your core business applications are most likely being delivered by HA or Active/Active hardware configurations on commodity x86 hardware. Down the track, this may lead to expensive and inefficient software licensing as standby capacity is held in reserve and can be complex to manage and maintain. Is there an easier more cost-effective approach? Do you need to consider a total site failure?

Digital Transformation, Agility, Speed to Market & Blockchain

Digital Transformation and DevOps practices allow you to deliver applications and services to your clients more promptly and efficiently than traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.  Are you content with your organisation’s ability to get your applications to market in a hurry?  Some organisations are incorporating the latest digital frameworks such as Blockchain open ledger systems to securely and efficiently conduct business with clients while reducing transaction times possibly from days to hours and massively reducing the cost to do business.

Analytics, Cognitive & Machine Learning

Data is golden, but are you getting the most out of your data?  What are your clients indicating to you, what are the trends, where is the market heading, are you offering the most appropriate customer service & support? At Computer Merchants, we take our clients’ requirements very seriously and have firsthand experience in utilizing analytical, cognitive and machine learning tools.  This has proudly enabled us to develop CM Live, which many of our clients log into daily to provide invaluable data on their own environment.

Computer Merchants hold a lot of pride in being a forward-thinking IT solutions provider, we’ve assisted our clients in every area of business and continuously strive to improve our business to assist you in improving yours.

Through 40 years of relationship building, learning, and providing excellent service, we’re your first and last call in IT.

If any of these questions resonate with you, or left you considering their impact to your business, give us a call on 1800 777 111 to get in touch and speak to an expert.

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