We’ve been in IT for a long time, and we’re used to seeing incremental progression, often accompanied by just a little too much hype. Every now and again, though, we encounter a product that has a genuine wow factor – and Cisco Meraki is one of the rare few.

Wi-Fi, of course, is nothing new in itself – but Cisco Meraki has reimagined high density Wi-Fi the way customers would want it. The fact that it works under intense interference conditions will be meaningful for those affected, while the fact that it escapes the bottlenecks of hardware controllers will no doubt delight anyone who’s wrestled with performance issues.

Those are in themselves some attractive advantages – but the wow is in the performance, deployment and management. This is where Cisco Meraki has really diverted from the incremental changes and hit the accelerator. It is cloud controlled, so administrators are no longer chained to the desk, dealing with capacity challenges while responding to constant support calls. Capacity is as simple as just adding more devices – and when we say simple, we really mean it.

Our Cisco Meraki specialists are loving the way Cisco Meraki is clearly up to meeting mission-critical standards. This is not a cute addition to the ‘real’ wired network; it is up to the job in hospitals and schools, emergency services and retailers. Even as the number of devices connecting to networks increases, and becomes more diverse, with applications that devour bandwidth, we’ve seen how Cisco Meraki stays stable and shows no sign of slowing down.

We’re even using Cisco Meraki at our own offices, to connect devices including internal security cameras. As well as the very simple installation (we were even able to configure all devices before they arrived at our site through the Cisco Meraki cloud dashboard), the cloud dashboard is outstanding,

We get visibility across all Cisco Meraki devices – such as security, switches, wireless APs, cameras and even Systems Manager – through one management window. We also get out-of-the-box analytics capabilities, giving us quick visibility of information about our business. Our experience of Cisco Meraki is positive, and we’re happy to show customers just what it is capable of in our own environment. It really has made our lives easier.

As you’d expect from Cisco, security features are rich, comprehensive, and integrate easily in the broader security environment. Each wireless access point features a high-performance CPU that enforces Layer 3-7 firewall policies, application QoS, Network Access Control (NAC), and more.

At the recent Cisco Live event, our engineers learned some additional tips that make Cisco Meraki even better for customers.

Deployment has been a hot topic on social media, with IT professionals competing on Twitter for the best story. The consensus is that they deployed in roughly the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. Given the complexity of many wireless environments, it is no wonder that this is an attention grabber. After all, does anyone relish spending days wrestling with Wi-Fi to get it up and running? While ‘plug and play’ may be a cliché, in this case, it happens to be spot-on.

We’ve saved the best til last, though. If live, remote monitoring and troubleshooting tools would make your life easier, that is. There are built-in tools that will let you check on infrastructure health, solve connectivity issues or look at a range of performance metrics. Oh yes, and you can do that in moments from your smartphone, on the other side of the world, if that’s what you need. Or, you know, from the coffee shop up the street.

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