One of the strengths of Computer Merchants’ team is the ability to create change and innovate quickly. Throughout 2019 we’ve been able to leverage the technology we develop internally to help our business drive positive results.

On average we’ve implemented one system improvement per day over the past year and by making these small improvements we’ve come across some big opportunities for our business.

Our Email Sentiment Analysis Tool

Our sentiment analysis tool for customer satisfaction

The idea of NPS scoring is very attractive to a business but we wanted to try an alternate approach without customers actively ranking our service. We subsequently developed our sentiment analysis tool to provide us with realtime customer satisfaction ratings and unbiased results.

This tool has been scanning and flagging incoming customer emails over a few years and has introduced some unexpected business improvements. For example, a customer email that flagged an incomplete voicemail message changed our onboarding process and pushed change throughout the business.

As we unearthed these relatively small improvements we found that there were opportunities for the business that we hadn’t considered. As our sentiment analysis tool was only reading incoming customer emails we wondered what the outcome would be if we turned the same technology internally, to analyse how our staff were feeling.

I am of the belief that customer experience is driven by user experience and I truly believe that by providing a safe and happy work environment I ensure that my users provide better service.

Therefore we redeveloped our customer sentiment analysis tool into an internal tool. We’re now able to see how our teams communicate in the written language and this is helpful for both HR and customer service applications.

Some Improvements Happen Organically

We didn’t set out on this journey to create a HR tool and, in fact, many of the opportunities we unearth come from small improvements. By creating an environment where staff feel comfortable raising system improvements or communicating with managers about their ideas we’ve been able to create some very special and effective systems.

These systems have created opportunities for some of our customers and we are currently working on projects which were created from these initial forays into development.

As we constantly improve our systems we also improve our knowledge. I have absolute faith in my team and know they are some of the most innovative developers in the industry. So over this quarter, we’re offering businesses the chance to consult our developers across AI, Machine Learning, BI, and system improvements to find the project that will transform your business.

If you’d like to speak with Norm or the development team, the door is open. Please feel free to call on 07 3710 5000 to speak more about our journey and how it could help your business.

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